D’Urso does not go on air: Milly and Mara are full of plays

D’Urso does not go on air: Milly and Mara are full of plays

Milly Carlucci and Mara Venier confirm themselves as the undisputed queens of weekend television

Great success for the Domenica In of Mara Venier, which is confirmed as the undisputed queen of this Easter Sunday, also thanks to the absence of Barbara D’Urso on Canale5. The same cannot be said for Maria De Filippi, who cannot make the evening of Amici take off, also due to the strong competition of Milly Carlucci, who won over the Italian audience with the fourth episode of Dancing with the Stars.

A weekend full of successes for Rai, which is full of plays thanks to two of the most famous women of Italian television. Everything starts from Saturday night, when Milly Carlucci manages to win over the audience with an episode of Ballando full of guests and surprises. Beyond the traditional competition, Simona Ventura, who amazed everyone with an incredible adrenaline sauce, and Carolyn Smith, the choreographer judge who returned to the track after the long struggle with breast cancer, were also on the track.

A highly anticipated performance by the public, which saw her perform alongside all the talent masters of the talent, shouting "Io non mollo mai". The performance was astonishing and moving at the same time, ended in a standing ovation of the audience and in the emotion of Milly Carlucci. "Great woman, you are our strength, our star", concluded the presenter, inviting anyone with physical or psychological problems to never give up. An episode of Dancing with the stars that literally crushed the evening of Friends, which proved to be weak and unexciting. The strong criticism of Loredana Bertè or the presence in the studio of Renato Zero have been of no use, as they have not been able to conquer the TV audience on Saturday night.

And the weekend's success ends with the episode on Sunday In the Easter afternoon. For the occasion, Mara Venier decided to invite prominent guests to her TV lounge: Paola Cortellesi, Claudia Pandolfi, Donatella Rettore, Vinicio Marchioni and Claudia Koll, just to name a few. To join the presenter was also added Elisa Isoardi, former partner of Matteo Salvini, who for the occasion was the judge of a culinary competition that saw the participation of some characters from the show and television, including Simona Izzo and Ricky Tognazzi . In short, with a cast of this type it would have been difficult not to conquer the public, especially considering the absence of Barbara D’Urso, who will return with Domenica Live directly next week.

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