D’Urso in the storm for Paris: "Unbearable"

D’Urso in the storm for Paris: "Unbearable"

The Sunday Queen targeted via social media for her broadcast dedicated to the attacks on France by Paolo Romani. But the web does not fit

Video taken from Instagram

Barbara D’Urso (LOOK AT THE PHOTOS) overwhelmed by the controversy due to her broadcast, Domenica Live, dedicated to the attacks on Paris (which slowly tries to return to normal). Matteo Salvini and the Interior Minister Angelino Alfano, interviewed by her, were guests live on the November 15 episode.

The fact that Barbarella has dealt with serious and important matters is not really liked by the leader of the Senate of Forza Italia, Paolo Romani, who launched himself against D'Urso via twitter by publishing a vitriolic post which in turn aroused a crawl space and a shower of criticism on the web.

The tweet reads:

D'Urso inadequate and unbearable. Deal with loves, songs, dances and gossip. Not serious problems. Where is the director of Canale 5?

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On the Net, many considered Romans' attack on the presenter to be exaggerated. Instead, she found many supporters including Daniela Santanchè who circulated the hashtag "Iostoconbarbaradurso".

And the controversy continues …


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