Dynamic Stretching: The 7 Minute Program – Video

If you want to tackle your workouts in the gym at your best, put it into practice Dynamic stretchingthe muscle stretching program also suitable for the joints, developed by Silvia Mazzonipersonal trainer New Gym by Marconiin Segrate (Milan): “Dynamic stretching is made up of a series of stretching exercises performed in motion, to stretch the muscles and prepare the joints properly before tackling a workout,” explains the expert.

“Everyone can try it, because stretching has only benefits,” adds Silvia, who suggests avoiding discouragement if you can’t complete large movements like the ones she shows in the video. Not only that: «Dynamic Stretching can also be useful in the morning, to ensure you a good muscle awakeningor after the classic workout, with the aim of promote recovery in view of the next session in the gym ».

How does it work

The program proposed by our expert consists of 14 exercises, each lasting 30 seconds, during which breathing plays a very important role: “It is necessary to inhale when the movement is more tiring and at the end of this phase, exhale, without going into trouble», Explains the trainer.

Which also provides a practical suggestion: «Better to do it without shoes, a factor that ensures better foot grip and greater comfort. In fact, stretching is not a workout but a relaxing method“.

Watch the video!

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