Each child is unique and precious as is the experience of each parent

Each child is unique and precious as is the experience of each parent

When we become parents, everyone is busy giving us the best advice. But the truth is, every experience is different and unique, just like our children

All the words in the world would not be enough to try to explain those intense emotions that are unleashed when we become parents. The sensations change and amplify, then make room for the unedited ones that we cannot explain. To these are added the worries, anxieties and fear of making mistakes.

There is the joy and the pain, the tiredness and the fatigue that occur cyclically, as if we were perpetually on a roller coaster. And this happens every day, with every choice we make for ourselves and for our children. It is perhaps in these moments that we find ourselves listening to the unwanted advice of others, because we seem to need it.

Sometimes we follow those advice, other times we let ourselves be guided by instinct while always remaining alert, because the fear of making mistakes takes over everything, and because no one has taught us how to take care of another human being.

Over time we found that many of our fears were useless and those alarms raised by others were even more so. Because we are not bad parents just because our choices differ from others, because what is not good for a child’s education may be good for another.

And yet some parents tend to view their experience as universal without realizing that each of them is different, as are the children we raise. Even the education given to two brothers can be extremely different, although we are always the same.

On the other hand, what becomes extremely useful is knowing that we must not give up the closeness of people, new acquaintances or closest friends. That we must not isolate ourselves because doing it alone is really difficult. As well as practical advice, such as those relating to diaper management, for example, or how to face a long journey with a small child.

Everything else leaves the time it finds. Because there will never be perfect advice, one that fits in with our way of thinking and acting, or that of our child. Because each child is different, unique and precious and so is the experience of each parent.

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