Easter sweets, how many calories we will take between doves and eggs

Easter sweets, how many calories we will take between doves and eggs

According to nutritionists during the holidays you can get to gain up to 3 pounds, taking on average 6000 calories of sweets, sausages and alcoholic beverages

Step by step the Easter sweets: here are all the recipes

Easter and Easter Monday are a real attack on the line between chocolate eggs, doves and pastiera. Not to mention cold cuts, fatty meats and caloric dishes, sprinkled with wine and sparkling wine, which will contribute to increasing weight. According to nutritionists it is possible to get fat up to 3 kilos, gulping down an average of 6000 calories during Easter holidays. All efforts to overcome the costume test will be thwarted (have you tried these home remedies against cellulite?)

If you think that it is not possible to take so many pounds in a short time, think that 50 grams of milk chocolate correspond to a plate of pasta and beans, which a slice of Neapolitan pastiera has the same calories as a plate of pasta with meat sauce or lasagne (600 calories). While the dove has more calories than a plate of dumplings (400).

Experts calculate that for the Easter egg we take 555.5 calories per 100 grams of pure chocolate, 549.1 calories if we eat milk chocolate and 571 calories if it is white chocolate. Calories increase in the presence of almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, granulated sugar.

It is difficult to resist in front of a table prepared on a festive day, but immediately after the Easter holidays we advise you to follow a detox diet, perhaps with fennel or lemon.

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