Easter works and readings, also in English

Games, recipes and stories to make Primary School boys and girls experience Easter to the fullest.

Easter jobs and readings, also in English: games, cards, cards, recipes, stories and glossaries to make Primary School boys and girls experience Easter to the fullest.

Easter is coming and are you looking for activities for your children to do to prepare for the party? Discover the contents of redooc.com dedicated to Easter: games, cards and greeting cards to download and print, recipes to experiment in the kitchen, Easter readings and even an English lesson to learn the main words.

All free materials available to parents and teachers to stimulate the creativity of boys and girls, teaching them to learn while having fun. An excellent way to enhance everyone’s imagination and potential, with an inclusive approach that also takes into account the different learning styles of students with SLD and SEN.

Traditional Easter recipes

Have you ever thought that even a recipe could be a text comprehension exercise and a kind of math problem to solve? The ingredients are the data and the procedure must be understood and followed step by step to obtain the desired result. This is how business is combined with pleasure! Have fun in the kitchen with your children with traditional Easter recipes: the Easter cake and Easter Pizza if you prefer salty, the Neapolitan pastiera if you love sweets. In the lesson dedicated to Easter recipes there is also some curiosity about the origins of the Easter dove and the tradition of exchanging chocolate eggs.

Easter games, cards and greeting cards

Leaving aside the cooks’ aprons, boys and girls can have fun in company with the downloadable Easter-themed games: memory and dominoes made with Easter avatars and coloring sheets that represent some of the main symbols of this holiday.

On redooc.com you will also find many greeting cards to personalize and give to loved ones.

Easter English readings and vocabulary

But Easter is also an opportunity for themed readings, such as the short story Il pulcino cosmico by Gianni Rodari. Read it with your children or your pupils and make them reflect on the relevance of the moral of the story, which has to do with the education of children.

And if you want to take advantage of it to broaden your knowledge of English, on redooc.com you will find a lesson dedicated to the words of Easter.

Discover all the free contents of redooc.com dedicated to Easter and… happy Easter!

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