Easy 1200 calorie Diet by Doctor Migliaccio

Developed by the President of the Italian Society of Food Sciences, this diet is perfect for those who often eat outside

The easy diet of Dr. Migliaccio is a diet that provides for the intake of 1200 calories per day.

Its creator is Dr. Pietro Migliaccio, President of the Italian Society of Food Science (S.I.S.A.) and expert in gastroenterology and auxology. His diet differs from many other dietary patterns in that he meets those who, especially for work reasons, find themselves having to eat often outside the home.

Another peculiarity concerns the fact that in the easy diet of Dr. Migliaccio no nutrient is privileged over the others. Let's look at an example of a menu. Those who follow this diet can start the day with a glass of skimmed milk (maximum 150 grams) or with a coffee sweetened with a teaspoon of sugar. At breakfast you can then eat two rusks. Another alternative is to choose between 20 grams of biscuits or 20 grams of cereals.

The regime in question is characterized by the presence of a mid-morning snack. The possible choices are different and include a low-fat yogurt (not necessarily white, it goes well with fruit too), a cappuccino with a single spoon of sugar, a package of crackers or a seasonal fruit.

What can you eat instead for lunch? In this case you can bring two eggs to the table (Dr. Migliaccio recommends consuming them a couple of times a week), but also 80 grams of tuna in oil drained. Among other choices it is possible to remember ham / cotto, but also speck or bresaola (maximum 70 grams). You can also opt for roast turkey or fish (both fresh and frozen).

As a side dish you can instead consider cooked or raw vegetables (without quantity limits). As for the dressing, a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil is fine. Remember that it is possible to eat bread as well (maximum 40 grams). Who wants, can replace it with 150 grams of fresh vegetables or potatoes.

When the time for the afternoon snack arrives, you can opt for one of the alternatives mentioned for the morning snack. Who loves sweet treats, can consider among the possible options also 20 grams of chocolate, an ice lolly / mini ice cream, a tea with a teaspoon of sugar and two pastries (obviously only one should be chosen). For dinner you can enjoy a dish of meat, fish or cheese accompanied with raw or cooked vegetables (always quantity to taste).

Dr. Migliaccio's easy diet also includes a dessert after the last meal of the day. In this case, you can opt for a lean fruit mousse or a glass of partially skimmed milk. Among other options, it is possible to mention fruit sorbet or seasonal fruit.

We conclude by recalling that once a week it is possible to replace one of the above mentioned meals with different dishes, among which pasta and rice stand out (maximum 80 grams). The diet should only be started after consulting your doctor.

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