Easy and sustainable dyeing? The most colorful remedy is All in One

Easy and sustainable dyeing? The most colorful remedy is All in One by Superiride

Do you want to recover the color of your trousers or change the chrome of your blankets? Regardless of your need, from today you can bet on the liveliness of sustainable color through a high quality eco-friendly product and at a very competitive price. For the most creative minds it is really difficult to wear a faded dress. Moreover, outside the wardrobe, even a house adorned with dull colors and lacking in vitality can seriously affect the good mood, staining everyday life with gray.

Get out of the banal and embrace color: the All in One remedy

Why color with Super-Iris All in One? The answer lies in high quality based on the principle of convenience and sustainability. Among the main advantages of those who choose Tutto in Uno, the brand’s experience in the field of coloring and dyes stands out first and foremost. The Super-Iride company has been guaranteeing for years the possibility of revitalizing the color of a fabric with high sustainability and is still today a great reference point on the market.

The product it offers is specially designed to give voice to the creativity of the individual through various possibilities of colors. The vast (eliminate) catalog offers a chromatic spectrum that extends from yellow to blue: it is a wide (eliminate) range specially selected to embrace the aesthetic tastes of the customer while fully respecting the environment. All in One by Super-Iride features a totally eco-green combination, free from phosphates or other harmful substances in terms of environmental impact. Ideal for any type of fabric, from linen to silk and even viscose: All in One is the product that should never be missing at home.

All in One by Super-Iride: ownership and use of the centenary brand’s product

With over 100 years of experience behind it, Super-Iride is nowadays a renowned company thanks to its passion for colors, people and the environment. Founded in 1907, the company continues to color everyone’s life with high-end, sustainable items at really affordable prices. What’s more, dyeing with All in One is really simple and intuitive. The powder dye product is easy to use: as the name implies, everything is concentrated in a single sachet (dye, fixer and salt). Result? Truly magical and long-lasting: a single gesture is enough to revitalize a garment or an accessory.

The Tutto in Uno formula guarantees color success from as early as 30 ° C. Explore the site and choose the product that best suits your specific situation: you can find the formula in small and large packs. The different sizes have different characteristics: the first (230 grams) guarantees the coloring of 200 grams of fabric with dark colors and 600 grams of fabric with light colors while the second (350 grams) allows the coloring of 600 grams of fabric with dark shades. and reaches up to 1800 grams with light shades. What are you waiting for? Explore the site, browse the colors and choose the color that best suits your personality. Bring your days to life: choose All in One.