Eating alone puts your heart at risk

Eating alone puts your heart at risk

Sitting at the table alone does not help the psyche and can also hurt the heart: research explains why it should be avoided

As the age progresses, there is a risk of withdrawing into oneself. You feel alone, you don’t want to meet others, maybe you have lost your partner. And this loneliness becomes particularly strong at the time of lunch and dinner. Maybe you avoid preparing good dishes, since you are not in the best conditions of mind, and therefore you are satisfied with what you find in the kitchen. This attitude must be fought and not only for the psyche, but also for physical health. The reason? It can also put the heart at risk. To say it is a research that appeared in the scientific journal Menopause.

It counts how much you eat and how you eat

Obviously, the rules of the Mediterranean diet are always the ones that apply most to cardiovascular wellbeing. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables regularly, prefer fish and legumes as protein sources, consume whole foods rich in fiber, season with the right quantities of extra virgin olive oil, do not forget a pinch of nuts (all combined with regular physical activity and weight control), promotes well-being for the arteries. But the American study goes further.

Analyzing the data relating to hundreds of women over the age of 65, the experts have seen that, also thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic with consequent impact on the habits of being alone, for women to be alone in front of the dishes can represent one more risk factor. And not just for the impact on the psyche.

In fact, if you are alone, you are more likely to let yourself go with quantitatively unacceptable choices – we often tend to eat more – and also in terms of food quality we risk drifting with respect to healthy eating habits. It has long been known, for example, that those who are alone at the table, for example, eat faster and are often more voracious, perhaps choosing unhealthy foods. And it is known that always being alone at the table favors the appearance of depressive traits, which certainly do not help cardiovascular well-being.

The research, however, adds another piece to this knowledge by comparing health behaviors and nutritional status between women who eat alone and those who eat with others in relation to the heart. The picture that emerges is certainly not reassuring. Older women who eat alone tend to have fewer calories in their diets and lower rates of carbohydrates, dietary fiber, sodium and potassium than those who ate with others. Additionally, older women who ate alone were 2.58 times more likely to suffer from angina pectoris. In short: loneliness at the table puts the heart at risk.

Attention to the psyche

This is not the first time that living alone has correlated with heart health. just think in this sense of a study conducted in the Nordic countries some time ago. In the population this condition was associated with a threefold increased risk of experiencing anxiety and depression, again in comparison with those who did not have problems with loneliness. Furthermore, in general terms, loneliness was associated with poor health. final tip: hang out with others, stay active, invite for lunch and dinner and get invited. The heart (and not only) will thank you.

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