Eating digestible foods deflates and helps you lose weight. Here are which ones to choose!

cibi digeribili

Find out what digestible foods can help you lose weight. Incorporating them into your diet will make your metabolism go faster.

When trying to lose weight, every little help can be decisive. Among the many that can be used is that of making use of foods known to be highly digestible.

digestible foods

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Not engaging the body in the processing of foods that are difficult to digest actually helps the metabolism to be faster and more dynamic and with the right diet can make it easier to get results with the diet. Today, therefore, we reveal to you which are the foods to prefer for a light diet, all to be enjoyed and able to help you lose weight.

What are the digestible foods to choose from

Taking care of your health as well as your weight also involves the choice of certain foods which, as they are digestible, are best suited for both the correct course of the diet and for weight loss.

digestible foods

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The possibilities in this sense are many and among these there are very simple to use and consume.


Although it is a food with a not exactly low glycemic index, rice is extremely digestible. To make it useful for a diet, just eat it in a balanced way (for example with chicken and extra virgin olive oil) to get an excellent result. If in the right quantities it turns out to be one of those foods that can be eaten at both lunch and dinner and which, thanks to its digestibility, will allow the body to work better.

Cooked vegetables are among the digestible and useful foods for those on a diet

Even vegetables, if well cooked, are extremely digestible. Among the most suitable are pumpkin, carrots, courgettes, aubergines, peppers and cabbage. Enjoy them at both lunch and dinner gives the body the right energy and all without weighing it down. On the contrary, digestion will be so facilitated as to make the metabolism more efficient.

Some types of fruit

Fruit is also one of the highly digestible foods. What matters is choosing the right one. In the first place, and unless you have FOPMAP problems, there is the apple which is followed by pineapple and kiwi. In case of problems you can opt for cooked fruit which as such is more digestible.

The eggs

Surprisingly, eggs stand out among the easy-to-digest foods. Poached or soft-boiled they give their best and allow the body to fill up with protein and nutrients while counting on very short digestion times. Just what you need to live at your best.


When boiled, potatoes are among the most digestible foods. Their starch, during cooking, is in fact reworked making them digestible. The presence of fibers also makes them healing for the intestine. And this applies to both yellow and American potatoes.

cThese foods can also be added to white meat and fish. In both cases it is possible to count on a rather rapid digestion. These, along with the ones that are usually satiating and can help dieters, will make weight loss much easier.

As always, the advice is to ask a nutritionist for help, especially in the case of a lot of kilos to lose. By doing this, you can count on a healthy diet, tailor-made and better able to function.

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