Eating fish is good: that's why

Eating fish is good: that's why

Those who love to eat fish prevent many diseases that can affect the body. That's why this food is so beneficial

Eating fish is a practice that is not overly practiced in Italy, but that provides numerous beneficial principles for the human body. Experts recommend two to three servings of 100 grams per week, in order to take the right amount of iron, zinc, vitamins and omega 3, the fatty acids that can reduce cardiovascular risks. The intake of blue fish, such as mackerel or anchovies, becomes even more fundamental during pregnancy, for better physical and cerebral development of the fetus.

The reasons why it is good to consume fish during the week with a certain constancy are different. In anchovy and sardine meat, vitamin D, a fundamental substance for bone strengthening, is present in large quantities. Taking two or three servings of fish every seven days helps reduce the risk of fractures and osteoporosis. Thanks to omega 3 also lower the risk of heart attack as well as blood pressure values. Obviously, you should not forget a little daily physical activity and a balanced and varied diet.

A popular saying says that eating fish benefits the brain and makes you smart and recent studies confirm it. Those who feed at least two or three times a week on steamed or baked fish keep the brain more active and also strengthen their memory. The merit lies above all in the phosphorus and in the omnipresent omega 3 acids. Not only that, according to university research, a fish-based diet also increases the fertility rate and qualitatively improves the seminal fluid, thus promoting the couple's relationship!

If all these tips were still not enough, here are still others, especially addressed to mothers. By constantly eating portions of fish, the human body gains an important strengthening of its immune system. Taking this food from an early childhood greatly reduces the risk of acquiring future allergies. Fish is also very suitable for all women who are breastfeeding, since the brain of the child benefits from it. The merit is of DHA, a fatty acid present in tuna and salmon essential for a good development of the baby's retina and brain cells.

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