Eating like a super model: 5 top diets

Eating like a super model: 5 top diets

Diet as a model? Discovering 5 food regimes to regain fitness and boast a perfect line in a short time

Diet as a model to be at the top and with a physique all to envy. It is not an impossible dream, but some very important factors must also be kept in mind. First of all, it is a hereditary fortune. Secondly, even a perfect body must always follow a well-targeted workout, in order not to lose its tone. All this is associated with a specific nutritional plan consisting of healthy and nutritious foods. Not only can the supermodel benefit from these nutritional regimes, but all common mortals can now too.

The first diet is made up of about 80% vegetables, fiber and lean meats. To get the right results, however, you must avoid white sugar, flour, caffeine, salt and mushrooms. In this diet, only one week's break is allowed, where you can eat everything, but always within the right limits. The second diet instead involves the consumption of fresh and completely organic foods, as well as a real vegetarian breakfast. One suggestion is to avoid abundant binge eating outside and prefer home food.

The third nutritional regime provides for limiting acidic foods and is based on a reduced fat content, in order to avoid altering the body's pH level. It is advisable to follow a diet rich in fruit, nuts, vegetables and legumes and limit dairy products, meat, fish, eggs, cereals and alcohol. The fourth diet sparked numerous debates, as it was designed for each of the four types of blood (A, B, AB and O). It is mainly based on a high consumption of vegetables, beans, corn and wheat.

However, a scientific analysis has stated that the benefits of this diet have shown no correlation with the participants' blood types. Finally, the latest model diet is mainly based on veganism and is devoid of all products of animal origin. It is very focused on the consumption of fruit, vegetables and cereals. Through a correct balance of meals, this diet allows to satisfy every nutritional need. It is therefore a real "green" and purifying diet.

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