Eating upright: advantages and disadvantages

Eating upright: advantages and disadvantages

Many think that standing or walking is a quick way to lose weight, but not always

The hectic life, typical of modern society, has also reduced meals and snacks to something to do on the fly. Often you will have eaten standing up and asked yourself what consequences this behavior would have on your body.

Eating fast is not good for the body and creates digestive problems and weight gain. You will have already understood that if you are looking for a way to lose weight, eating while standing is not the best solution, unless you do it the right way.

Eating on your feet: what not to do

There are behaviors to avoid if you want to lose weight by not sitting at the table for lunch. As students and then as workers, one often has lunch or snacks while walking, keeping the body healthy, even when there is no need to diet. Eating standing up makes you lose weight when:

  • avoiding eating junk food;
  • it is done eating calmly.

Junk food, more commonly known as junk food, is the one to avoid in any case, but even more if you want to benefit from eating while standing. Instead of walking with a bag of chips in hand with vegetables or seasonal fruit. An alternative is drinking yogurt, to be consumed together with a package of crackers and bresaola. You can also have lunch while following the ice cream diet.

Eating upright is good, when done calmly. The secret is not to sit or not while eating, but to properly chew food, which can be done even while standing. The secret is all about savoring every single bite and appreciating it to the full, before putting another in the mouth. The upright position also favors digestion, which occurs in a short time. Furthermore, eating slowly increases the sense of satiety.

Does eating on your feet really make you lose weight?

The belief that eating standing up helps you lose weight is based on the idea that not sitting down to lunch requires consuming more calories than a traditional meal. This is true, but it also has its downsides: in fact, consuming more during the meal will cause you to go hungry again shortly after and trying to lose weight could turn out to be a way to gain weight instead.

The other advantages of eating standing up

While weight loss and its connection to eating standing are still in doubt, many other benefits related to this practice are a certainty. Eating standing avoids gastroesophageal reflux and heartburn, reducing the pressure on the digestive tract and raising acid acids. At the same time, however, eating by walking favors the formation of abdominal swelling and does not help the correct assimilation of nutrients.

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