Ecological cleaning, disinfect your living room with these ingredients

Disinfecting the house by natural methods is possible and indeed it is recommended: in this way we will save money and we can also contribute to the protection of the Planet. How you do it? Here are some foolproof remedies.

Hold clean the whole house, including the most difficult to reach areas, it is a duty: this is in fact a way to keep the whole family away from germs and bacteria.

Disinfect natural methods

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We know, in fact, that these can really be hidden anywhere: in the kitchen, in the bathroom, inside the appliances and so on.

What is certain is that always and only using detergents could amount to spending large sums unnecessarily, since there are very valid natural and economic alternatives, which will therefore allow us to save money and also respect the planet at the same time.

Which ones are they? Here is a list of natural methods to disinfect the whole house.

Here’s how to disinfect the house using natural methods

To understand how to clean the house using only natural methods, we must point out that we should first and foremost make a difference between each room, at least among the most “popular” ones.
Disinfect natural methods
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Let’s go immediately from the kitchen: it is imperative that no germs and bacteria lurk here, since this is the place where we prepare everything we ingest.
If the environments are dirty, pots, plates and cutlery could also be contaminated, which in turn could then contaminate the food we eat. For obvious reasons we should avoid this happening.
How to do? First of all pay attention to the cleaning of the dishwasher: whoever uses this method to wash all utensils knows that it must be 100% clean in order to perform its task of disinfecting what it contains.
For this to happen we can use sea salt, which will replace the special dishwasher salt.
Similarly, instead of using the rinse aid, we can use half a tablespoon of lemon juice to put in the special tray and do a vacuum wash at least once a month to be very sure that in this way the dishwasher is always disinfected.
If you want, you can also add a liter of red wine vinegar, which also eliminates all the limescale that inevitably forms in the long run.
We must then also understand how to clean the sink: we can disinfect it using two tablespoons of ventilated green clay, a tablespoon of baking soda and 20 drops of cinnamon essential oil.
How to do? Just mix all the ingredients, put some on a damp sponge and scrub the countertops.
This alone will be able to eliminate any trace of dirt, even encrusted stains. If you have to prepare a large amount of product, do not worry: you can keep it in a closed glass jar.
Also the fridge it must always be clean and fragrant, especially in light of the fact that it contains our food. For it to be, we can take a small bowl and fill it with green clay by adding four drops of sage essential oil. This will act as an absorbent, so it will get rid of bad smells and dirt.
Alternatively, we can also use a little coffee powder or beans: the result will be almost the same.
At least once a week then it would be good to take a sponge and put a little vinegar flavored with at least five drops of lemon essential oil and pass it inside our appliance to be able to disinfect it well.
Let’s move on then to the living room: this is also an area where we are likely to spend most of our time.
We know that one of the places where most germs and bacteria lurk (along with a large amount of dust) are the carpets. To clean them perfectly we must sprinkle them with bicarbonate and leave it to act for at least 24 hours and then remove the residues with the vacuum cleaner to be sure that no unsightly traces remain.
If you prefer you could also prepare a mixture using two cups of baking soda, half of flaked soap, about twenty drops of lavender essential oil and 9 of bay leaf. Just sprinkle some of this mixture on the carpet and rinse with a cloth soaked in hot water.
For then clean the screens (of the TV, of the PC, of ​​the tablet) you could take some water mixed with vinegar, dip a soft cloth in it and then pass it on the surfaces.
Also the sofas must be well disinfected. How can you make this happen? Use a soft cloth soaked in the essence of cedar, or in a mixture consisting of half a glass of lemon juice, a liter of water and a tablespoon of baking soda.
In both cases, mop the sofa, let it act for a few seconds and then dry everything well.
Likewise, if you want to clean the curtains, wash them with vinegar and Marseille soap: they will also be very fragrant.
Obviously an area not to be overlooked is the entrance. First of all, take care to clean the doormat very well, considering that if you enter the house with shoes full of germs and bacteria, they will end up practically everywhere.
So one thing to do periodically will be to sprinkle the doormat with a little baking soda, leave it like that for at least three hours and then always remove it with a vacuum cleaner, as was the case with carpets.
In the same way, the handle of the entrance door also plays a fundamental role: when we enter the house, in fact, we bring with us all the germs and bacteria with which we have come into contact outside, so this too should always be disinfected very well.
To do this, you could create a solution with hot water, Marseille soap and at least five drops of Tea Tree oil, dip a cloth in it and then wipe it on the handle.
Also the floors at the entrance they must always be clean and pinti, considering that it is one of the most “trampled” areas of the house. You could then take a bucket and fill it with warm water, half a tablespoon of organic dish detergent and ten drops of clove essential oil. Not only will the floor be spotless, it will also be scented like never before.
If you want to know other methods to say goodbye to germs and bacteria forever, here is our guide.
In any case, we have now finally understood that we can disinfect all areas of the house with natural remedies: in this way we will do ourselves and the planet a favor.