Edamame, the beneficial effects even in menopause

Edamame, the beneficial effects even in menopause

Soybeans could represent special allies in women's health

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Among the symbols of Asian cuisine, edamame, or soy beans, are a food rich in important health benefits. Entering into the heart of their nutritional profile, you can first notice the richness in water (in a hectogram of edamame, in fact, we can find over 70 grams).

Excellent sources of protein, edamame are characterized by the presence of B vitamins, essential for the proper functioning of metabolism, but also by that of vitamin C and vitamin E, two of the most powerful antioxidants that nature has given us.

Useful for keeping free radicals under control, for weight loss and for purifying the body, soy beans, appreciated and versatile in the kitchen, can also be beneficial in an extremely particular moment in a woman's life: menopause.

As highlighted by the experts of the Humanitas group, edamame are in fact rich in phytoestrogens which, according to various scientific evidence, could prove useful for the purpose of reducing typical disorders at the end of the fertile age.

There is no denying it: these legumes, widespread especially in Japan, China and Korea but also known and appreciated in other countries around the world, are truly special health allies. Among other reasons why it is worthwhile to include them in the diet, it is possible to mention the good content of fiber, fundamental nutrients both for the efficiency of the intestine – which also has positive repercussions on body weight – and to keep under the absorption of sugars and dietary cholesterol, with obvious advantages inherent in the prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

The properties of edamame certainly do not end there! Also worth mentioning is the content of minerals important for health. Among these, potassium stands out – in one hectogram of edamame we can find almost 500 mg – a crucial ally of blood pressure regularity and, consequently, precious for cardiovascular health.

When you are aiming to add edamame to your diet, you should be aware of some recommendations. These include the fact of not consuming them raw. Why? Because raw edamame contain a toxin that can cause gastric discomfort (cooking for 20 minutes is enough to neutralize it).

We conclude by pointing out that, since soy can interfere with the effectiveness of various drugs, before starting to take edamame it is good to ask your doctor for advice.

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