“Educating to reading aloud”: the appointments at the Book Fair

“Educating to reading aloud”: the appointments at the Book Fair

“Educating to reading aloud”: Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 October two important events that draw inspiration from the research activity conducted by Federico Batini

Bringing benefits on a cognitive, emotional and relational level, reading aloud is a democratic teaching practice that contributes to the growth of everyone’s identity, as well as allowing the encounter with countless stories. This is being discussed at the XXXIII edition of the Turin International Book Fair – Vita Supernova, this year in presence in the Lingotto Fiere Pavilions in Turin from 14 to 18 October 2021, with two events included in the “Educating to reading” program aimed at schools.

Both appointments are inspired by the research activity conducted by Federico Batini, professor of Experimental Pedagogy of the FISSUF Department (Philosophy, Human, Social and Education Sciences) of the University of Perugia, who in dialogue with the cultural associative world is working on several projects involving numerous networks of schools throughout Italy, from Turin with the Scuola Foundation in the IC Porta Palazzo to Parma with a network of schools led by IC Ferrari and the support of the Cariparma Foundation, and with national experiences (“Read me still ”of Giunti Scuola) and regional institutions (“ Read: forte ”of the Tuscany Region) to bring reading aloud to all schools.

The first appointment at the Salone is for Saturday 16 October at 11 in Sala Blu, PAD 2 where the round table “Educating to reading aloud” takes place, focused on the possible use of reading aloud in many and different areas of personal, formative, professional and civil life and on the exceptional benefits and advantages that derive from it, hoping for the development of a widespread culture in this regard. It is read aloud at school and in training courses, but also in health and care contexts, in the theater, in the world of work … Research has led, in recent years, to greater attention to this essential, relatively simple practice. , beautiful and powerful.

The best practices of reading aloud at an international level, some local experiences and the extraordinary effects highlighted by scientific research will be told and shared, as well as prospects for the future. After the introduction by the director of Cepell Angelo Piero Cappello, the speeches by: Federico Batini, University of Perugia, entitled “A history of research: the discovery of the power of reading aloud, of the benefits and contexts of application “, Simone Giusti, University of Siena, with” Discover reading aloud “, Roberto Gandini, Laboratorio Teatro Piero Gabrielli,” Read aloud – integrated reading “, followed by Vincenzo Alastra, ASL Piemonte, with” Reading aloud as a cure in the health sector “. Then continues Martina Evangelista, LaAV Readings aloud, on the theme “Reading aloud as a volunteer”, Alessandra Comparozzi, of the “Birba chi Leggi” association, on “Party in the street with reading aloud”, and Marco Bartolucci, University of Parma, will explain “Why reading is good in aging”. A video will also be shown with the “best practices” and ideas and ideas for the future, to then return to talk with Ermelinda De Carlo, University of Perugia, who speaks on “Reading aloud as a stimulus for professional projects and for the reactivation of the Neet “; finally a reading aloud with Antonio Ferrara and Marianna Cappelli. They moderated Federico Batini and the writer Fabio Geda intervenes.

On Sunday 17, at 4 pm in the Sala Gialla, PAD 2, an introductory lesson will be held to the world of reading aloud as a didactic practice in schools of all levels. The lesson is also an introduction to the online monographic course “Educating to reading aloud”, a course valid for updating, aimed at 1000 teachers of childhood, primary and secondary school, which sold out in 24 hours, leaving next 21 October. The same course will be available in full by all those who wish to stream it on the Salone del Libro website http://www.salonelibro.it and on the Cepell website https://cepell.it. The course is organized with the scientific direction of Federico Batini, University of Perugia and the collaboration of the Nausika-LaAV Letture ad Alta Voce association, organized by the Turin International Book Fair and by Mic – Center for book and reading. .

During the launch lesson we will talk about the reasons for the use of reading aloud and its effects, the choice of stories and the investment of trust in the practice. The online course will then be structured in plenary events and workshops, a complete training course that can accompany teachers with the sharing of books and emotions and that can contribute to making possible, at school, a fully democratic cognitive and identity growth for all and all. .

The teachers participating in the proposed laboratories will sign a training agreement for the autonomous carrying out of the reading activity in the classroom during the second quarter (with bibliographic indications, for the use of tools, tutoring and monitoring by the course team and possible detections). The results of this activity will be presented in a restitution and closing meeting and in a scientific conference during the XXXIV edition of the Salone in May 2022.

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