Effective diet, you lose 5 kg in a month: mistakes not to be made

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To follow a truly effective diet, be wary of lightning solutions and pay attention to small daily details, such as the amount of oil used

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To follow an effective diet and lose up to 5 kg in a month, it is essential to know some simple practical steps that can help in the fight against overweight.

One of these, as recalled by Dr. Marcello Ticca during some statements made in Ansa, concerns the choice between pasta and rice. The expert points out that a portion of rice provides the same caloric intake as one of pasta and that "the problem is seasoning". Pay attention to how much oil you put on the first plate, regardless of whether it is pasta or rice, it is very important for weight control purposes. One gram of olive oil contains 9 calories.

Daily calorie deficit is essential if you plan to follow an effective diet and lose 5 kg or more. Nutrition experts agree that, to see results, it is necessary to subtract from the energy intake that is normally used around 700/800 calories per day (the range obviously varies according to the clinical situation and the individual's goals) . In this way, you can get to lose even 1 kg in a week.

Another fundamental aspect to consider if you are aiming to start an effective diet concerns the fact of not blindly following some advice that may be good for some people, but not for others. In this case, those related to fasting are in the foreground. As recalled by Dr. Eugenio del Toma, who holds the office of President Emeritus of the Italian Association of Dietotherapy and Clinical Nutrition, if the person who wants to lose weight is healthy, a single day of fasting does not hurt. If you carry it on for longer, the situation changes considerably.

Another mistake to avoid is to rely on flash diets, which promise rapid weight loss, preferring the intake of certain foods, such as bananas, lemon and other fruits. At this juncture one is so motivated to eat less but, on balance, the effect obtained is that of seeing only the needle of the scale go down but not the adipose tissue (weight loss is not synonymous with effective weight loss) .

To avoid consequences of this kind, it is advisable to be followed by an expert nutritionist, able to draw up a personalized plan taking into account the objectives, age and results of blood tests prescribed by the attending physician.

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