Effective natural remedies for the most common and frequent ailments

Effective natural remedies for the most common and frequent ailments

An eBook to discover the most effective natural remedies against seasonal ills, anxiety, inflammation and ensure the well-being of the stomach and intestines

Natural remedies include all those obtained from plants and used to improve well-being. They are obtained from the part of the plant that contains the highest amount of active ingredients, thus guaranteeing their effectiveness.

Natural remedies, what they are and what they are for

Among the most common natural remedies we find herbal teas, essential oils, mother tinctures and various types of extracts. To get more benefits from herbs it is essential to take care of nutrition and lifestyle: what we eat affects the intestinal flora and liver function and consequently the action of the remedies, while physical exercise improves blood circulation and lymphatic, contributes to the health of bones and muscles and promotes good mood.

The expert Tatiana Maselli guides us in the choice of plants to effectively combat seasonal ills, anxiety, stress, insomnia, female ailments, inflammation and to maintain the well-being of the intestine and stomach.

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