Effective remedies against chilblains on the hands

Effective remedies against chilblains on the hands

Thanks to the intense cold, in winter it is very easy to suffer from chilblains on the hands: here's how to prevent them and the natural remedies to cure them

One of the biggest sores that unites every winter are the infamous chilblains on the hands, or real inflammations that affect our skin in certain situations, united by one characteristic: the change in temperature. Chilblains can be really a difficult problem to cure if you don't know how to act and above all you tend to constantly postpone. After a brief introduction to understand what they are, you will find a list of effective remedies against chilblains on the hands and above all valid tips to prevent their appearance.

Chilblains on the hands: what are they?

Chilblains on the hands are skin irritations that emerge on the skin in case of sudden changes in temperature, more specifically when passing from a particularly cold environment to rather hot temperatures. Scientifically speaking, rapid vasodilation can cause the leakage of blood substances, favoring the appearance of reactions in the skin. The inflammation affects the blood vessels in the hands and the symptoms can also be quite painful. In fact, we speak of redness and swelling along the fingers, burning and small cuts, a brighter or bluish skin color and blistering on the surface. The time of disappearance of the chilblains is usually around 2-3 weeks. However, these timelines are identified in relation to valid treatments. Here, then, are the most effective remedies.

Remedies for chilblains on the hands

The remedies for chilblains on the hands can be of various kinds, from pharmaceutical to natural ones. Regarding the first type, we recommend that you consult a doctor as sometimes you may need a cream for chilblains with topical application or real treatments to decrease blood pressure. With regard to the natural remedies for chilblains on the hands, here are some that may help:

  • Ethyl alcohol: the strongest remedy among those proposed. Being a stimulant for blood circulation, it could be useful for restoring normal pressure in the fingers. The method of application is tamponade with a cotton swab twice a day in the inflamed areas. Then follows a good moisturizer to prevent your hands from drying out.
  • Lemon: a milder remedy. In this case, the lemon, a source of vitamin C, will nourish the swollen area to heal the situation. It should be applied by dabbing on the hands.
  • Sage: combined with a solution of warm water. To have the desired effect, the sage must have been previously boiled in water.
  • Onion: often used remedy for skin irritations. To take advantage of its benefits, you can choose between juice, mince or slices.
  • Potatoes: long used against sun burns, they are also excellent for treating chilblains on the hands. All you have to do is rub them on the affected area and wait for that much-needed feeling of relief.
  • Turnips: another vegetable that can be scrubbed is the ingredient of many dishes on our tables. Turnips have always been used to relieve itching and redness.
  • Herbal oils: for this last natural remedy, know that you can do it yourself at home or buy essences directly from the herbalist's shop. Usually the elements that promote the healing of chilblains are mint, rosemary or arnica and calendula.

For all the previous remedies it is necessary to take into account one thing: it is absolutely forbidden to use them on real abrasions and open wounds. The risk, in fact, is to infect the already inflamed area.

Chilblains on the hands: how to prevent them

After having listed the natural remedies for chilblains on the hands, here are some small precautions that you can take to prevent them. The first step to avoiding the risk of splits in the hands is to avoid exposing yourself to the winter cold for long periods. In the event that this is an unavoidable situation, it is important to remember to always wear warm gloves, even better if they are wool or thermal. In addition to gloves, you need to cover your entire body with climate-friendly clothing. A good way could be layered clothing. This will serve to keep the body temperature high even when the ambient temperature is getting lower and lower. Finally, what should never be missing in a wardrobe or on to go for a walk are absolutely a hat and a good scarf.

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