Effective remedies against indigestion

Effective remedies against indigestion

From peppermint to ginger, here are some of the best allies to deal with the annoying effects of too abundant meals

When exaggerating with food intake it is normal to not feel in top shape. In these situations there are several approaches to solve the problem. You can choose to calm the symptoms of indigestion with over-the-counter antacids or move towards other remedies, using foods you already have at home.

Among these it is possible to mention peppermint tea. The plant in question boasts numerous beneficial properties. In this category it is possible to include antispasmodic efficacy. Thanks to this peculiarity, it can be considered an excellent natural remedy to alleviate the symptoms of indigestion and to counteract that annoying sense of nausea that makes its appearance when you eat a little too much. Before taking mint tea, it is very important to consult your doctor. This drink, in fact, is contraindicated in case of gastric reflux.

Hydration in general is however crucial to counteract difficulties in digestion. In fact, our body needs water to effectively absorb nutrients from food and drinks. If you do not hydrate properly – we always remember that about 20% of the water we consume every day comes from food – digestion is more difficult and increases the probability of dealing with stomach pain.

Continuing with the remedies that help to cope with the effects of indigestion, it is impossible not to call into question ginger, perfect above all to reduce stomach acid. Extremely versatile as regards the methods of intake – you can in fact switch from herbal teas to candies – it has properties that have been repeatedly investigated by science.

Noteworthy in this regard is a review dating back to 2013 and conducted by a team of experts from Father Muller Medical College in Bangalore (India). The scholars in question, analyzing several studies, have investigated the gastroprotective effects of ginger, which is useful in different situations, from situations in which constipation must be addressed up to the symptoms of indigestion.

However, it is essential not to overdo the quantities. To better appreciate the benefits of ginger it is advisable to keep within 3/4 grams per day, as exceeding can expose you to a greater risk of dealing with the onset of burning in the throat and stomach.

We conclude this review of effective remedies against indigestion by mentioning fennel seeds, characterized by important antispasmodic properties, but also with sodium bicarbonate, a special ally when it comes to neutralizing gastric acidity. To maximize its effects, it is advisable to dissolve 1/2 teaspoons in water after a particularly heavy meal and wait a couple of hours for the possible new intake.

Before trying the solutions listed in these lines, it is crucial to consult your doctor and follow his advice in regards to quantities.

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