Egg yolk: an ally in the kitchen for hair health

Very rich in antioxidant substances, it contains biotin which promotes growth and counteracts the appearance of alopecia

A healthy and shiny hair also expresses our state of health. Not surprisingly, when we eat the wrong diet, hair – along with skin and nails – are among the first areas of the body to show results.

An ally to always have them beautiful and hydrated is the egg yolk: word of Dr. Francesca Beretta, nutritionist biologist and author of the book “Giù la belly … su il morale”, a volume that aims to help readers not only to getting back into shape and regaining the right body weight, but which also provides practical advice for psycho-physical well-being and beauty.

Let’s insert it, therefore, in our weekly diet. Particularly at the end of the summer, when prolonged exposure to the sun, and to other external agents such as wind and salt, can have put a strain on hair health.


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  • Good for the heart
  • What does the color of the yolk depend on
  • Egg yolk wrap

Thing contains

“The egg yolk – explains Dr. Beretta – is made up of 50% water, and the remaining 50% of lipids and proteins. Its natural function is to nourish and support the embryo (a new life), and it is for this reason that it is a real concentrate of nutrients such as vitamins (A, B, D, E, folic acid, choline), mineral salts (iron, copper, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, sulfur and zinc), proteins and fats “.

“Egg yolk – continues the expert – also contains a good percentage of proteins. These have a very high biological value, in the sense that they contain all the essential amino acids, in almost perfect proportions, excellent for healthy hair growth. Due to this characteristic, the egg is a food that I recommend including in the diet of athletes with the aim of maintaining and preserving muscle mass “.

“Another strong point of egg yolk is its vitamin D content, which is essential for the growth and health of bones and nails”.

The yolk can confirm itself as a valid ally not only as regards the health of the hair, but also for the skin and nails thanks to the high content of vitamins (especially B12 and group B) and minerals (especially sulfur). Furthermore, it contains biotin, also known as vitamin B8: “a substance – Dr. Beretta points out – which helps in case of skin fragility; modulates sebaceous production, therefore it is useful in case of dermatitis; strengthens the nail structure and improves the appearance of these tissues. For the hair: it promotes its growth and counteracts alopecia ”.

Good for the heart

Many people exclude it from their diet for fear that it could harm the cardiovascular system. A false myth. “Being a food of animal origin – specifies the author of the book – it contains saturated fats (stearic acid and palmitic acid), but these are mostly harmless for the cardiovascular system because they are not those responsible for obstructing blood vessels. On the other hand, the good protective fats of the cardiovascular system such as linoleic acid, which belongs to the omega 6 family, are widely represented.

The yolk also contains a good amount of lecithin, a phospholipid, an essential molecule for building cell membranes, with a cholesterol-lowering action, that is, an enemy of cholesterol “.

What does the color of the yolk depend on

The color of the yolk may differ, sometimes darker and other times lighter. “This – says Dr. Beretta – depends on the type of feed consumed by the hens and their breed. In fact, a dark red yolk will be richer in carotenoids (beta-carotene and xanthophylls) and therefore the best type of egg to take for the protection of the hair before being exposed to sunlight. On the other hand, a light orange / yellow yolk will have a greater quantity of omega 3 fatty acids, with an anti-inflammatory action “.

The carotenoids contained in the yolk are therefore fundamental substances because they are antioxidants: “they protect the body from free radicals generated by daily stresses such as smoke, smog, alcohol, UV rays, chemicals, psychophysical stress and infections. They also help prevent cardiovascular diseases, eye diseases and neurodegenerative diseases “.

But be careful. “It is not recommended to eat raw eggs or egg whites as without cooking they are not safe from a hygienic point of view. In addition, speaking of aesthetics, they contain avidin, a protein that prevents the absorption of biotin ”, concludes the expert.

Egg yolk wrap

In addition to being taken through the diet, egg yolk can also be an ideal ingredient for an external pack, especially for those who tend to have dry hair after intense sun exposure. Making it is very simple: just beat well with a fork

2 egg yolks together with 2 tablespoons of warm olive oil. Apply the mixture to dry hair, gently massaging the scalp and lengths, then wrap the hair in a towel and let the product act for about 30 minutes. After this time, rinse with warm water and proceed with the usual washing.

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