Eggs, the beneficial effects on memory

Eggs, the beneficial effects on memory

Good, healthy and full of benefits: eggs are also good for memory and help us improve our well-being

Memory, 5 foods that strengthen it

Few know this, but eggs are rich in benefits and excellent for those who want to improve their memory.

To prove it, numerous studies, including the most recent carried out by Tufts University according to which this food would help reduce the effects caused by cognitive degeneration. All thanks to two powerful substances contained in the albumen and in the yolk: these are lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants that act directly on the brain.

Tests carried out on some volunteers have shown that the consumption of at least two eggs a day improves cognitive performance, enhancing verbal fluency, logic and attention. Eggs are added to the long list of foods to bring to the table to promote memory. Among the super foods that are good for the brain we find the blue fish, rich in Omega 3, useful for taking care of the nervous system, but also dried fruit, spinach and dark chocolate.

The benefits of eggs do not stop there. Protagonists of many recipes, good on their own or with a side dish, they are rich in vitamin A and E, natural antioxidants. They also allow you to fill up on vitamin B1, to always feel active, and vitamin D, to fix calcium in your bones. The egg also brings a high content of mineral salts including phosphorus, iron and zinc, essential for our well-being.

Surprisingly it seems that even the shell is good for health. It contains a great deal of calcium carbonate, which can be taken as a remineralising powder. Criticized and demonized in the past, this food has recently been rehabilitated by recent research. It does not hurt the liver and does not increase cholesterol, especially if we take the right dose of eggs, equal to 3/4 a week. Furthermore, it is ideal for the diet, because it is super light and has a high satiating power, especially when accompanied with vegetables.

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