Electric toothbrush: 7 good reasons to use it

Electric toothbrush: 7 good reasons to use it

The electric toothbrush is one of the useful tools to make a good cleaning of the teeth, along with dental floss and toothpaste. Here are 7 good reasons to use an electric toothbrush

Together with dental floss and toothpaste, the electric toothbrush is one of the indispensable tools to ensure a good cleaning of the oral cavity.

Caries, periodontitis and inflammation of the gums are in fact just around the corner and only daily hygiene done in the right way can prevent the formation of these disorders. To underline this is the Ministry of Health which reminds us how brushing your teeth three times a day, or after each main meal, can make a difference in terms of good mouth health.


  • What it is and how it is made
  • Advantages of the electric toothbrush

What it is and how it is made

A device now rich in specific technological features, the electric toothbrush generally consists of 3 parts:

  • the handle of the appliance, inside which there is the motor that allows it to function;
  • the head, which is inserted in the appropriate space above the toothbrush handle and which can be replaced as needed or due to its wear;
  • 1 charger consisting of a base on which the toothbrush handle is placed in order to be recharged. The base then has a power cord to connect to the electrical outlet.

High-tech features that electric toothbrushes may include include the ability to monitor the brushing time for each quadrant of the mouth, the change of brushing mode – for example based on the area of ​​the oral cavity to be treated (gums, tongue ) – and the signaling of the pressure sensors that indicate if excessive force is being applied during brushing.

Advantages of the electric toothbrush

The electric toothbrush allows us to have a healthy mouth and smile-proof teeth. On the other hand, the reasons for using this type of toothbrush do not end here. The advantages deriving from its use are numerous: here are 7!

1. It is suitable for everyone

The electric toothbrush is comfortable and practical not only for adults, but also for children who find it more fun to hold and use a toothbrush that produces oscillations. Making children fully understand the importance of good oral hygiene can sometimes turn into a difficult task. And here is that a simple tool like an electric toothbrush can make this good habit more stimulating and fun. This tool can also be of great help to people with disabilities and the elderly who suffer for example from arthritis or other conditions that make brushing more difficult.

2. Removes much more plaque and prevents gum disease from forming

Brushing your teeth seems like a simple and mechanical action, however what makes the difference is the way they are brushed. Therefore, even with an electric toothbrush it will not be possible to obtain good results if this tool is used in the wrong way. On the other hand, several studies have confirmed that electric toothbrushes perform better than manual ones in terms of removing plaque and any food residues. All thanks to the heads which, with the oscillations and rapid movements produced on each tooth, are able to remove plaque even in the most difficult areas.

3. You can apply the head you want

A large number of replacement heads are available on the market that differ in shape, type and softness of the bristles. For example, there are heads designed for sensitive teeth and gums, those that in addition to removing plaque, counteract possible irritation, those that also offer a teeth whitening function, those with antibacterial bristles, those that take advantage of the sonic movement (rather than the more known oscillatory) and are compatible with specific toothbrushes. So, while maintaining the "body" of the electric toothbrush over time, you have the option of using the head necessary for your dental needs and replacing it with another due to wear or because the teeth need a different type. Typically, a head should be changed every three months.

4. Little cluttered

Electric toothbrushes are functional, but they are also designed to respond to an increasingly indispensable need for practicality. While having a slightly bulkier handle than manual ones due to the presence of the motor inside, these tools offer an easy grip and are comfortable to carry in your bag or on the go. If you also consider the charger, (to take with you if you are away from home for some time) the space occupied remains minimal. Simply put the electric toothbrush in a case – there are even models that provide one for travel – and that's it.

5. It can be conveniently recharged if necessary

Another advantage of the electric toothbrush is to be able to recharge it at home, in the office or wherever you want and then take it with you wherever you want. In addition, the lithium battery already present inside the base allows an average duration of about 2 weeks after a single charge. Moreover, several models have a dedicated light that acts as a signal when the device is about to discharge.

6. Signals when too much force is applied to brushing

Almost all models on the market now have a very useful pressure sensor to avoid inadvertently damaging teeth and gums. In fact, when too much pressure is applied with the electric toothbrush, a red light turns on to signal it.

7. Helps monitor brushing time

Here is a very convenient function especially for the little ones or for those who tend to brush their teeth hastily. In fact, the integrated timer helps you brush your teeth for the minimum time recommended by dentists, about 2 minutes. The signal is heard every 30 seconds, which is the time it takes to brush each of the four dental arches well.

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In short, as we have seen, the electric toothbrush is an indispensable and effective tool to ensure good oral hygiene. Thanks to its numerous advantages, it can be used comfortably by everyone and taken with you when you are away from home. However, it must be remembered that the effectiveness of the electric toothbrush depends above all on the way in which it is used and that good oral cleaning done at home must also be associated with periodic checkups at your trusted dentist.

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