Electronic cigarettes during pregnancy: do they hurt the child?

Electronic cigarettes during pregnancy: do they hurt the child?

Do electronic cigarettes in pregnancy hurt the baby? Their use is not recommended by the WHO: they could harm the health of the fetus.

Electronic cigarettes: the models

If you think that electronic cigarettes are the ideal solution to resist the temptation of smoking during pregnancy, you are wrong, the World Health Organization discourages use during pregnancy and beyond.

The main reason is that even electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, albeit in smaller quantities than traditional cigarettes. Nicotine is able to cross the placenta and cause damage to the fetus, in particular it causes a reduction in weight at birth. Another important reason is that the effect on the health of the substances and aromas inhaled by smoking these devices is not generally clear. Nor is it even said that they are so effective in eliminating smoking addiction.

The position of the WHO should not be surprising since public and scientific opinion is divided on the subject. The Higher Institute of Health, for example, is opposed to electronic cigarettes, not only in pregnancy, since given the presence of nicotine it is not possible to exclude health risks for consumers and those close to them. Moreover, according to an ISS study, the electronic smoker tends to take more nicotine than those who smoke traditional cigarettes.

The key reason why people start using electronic cigarettes is also controversial: in general, the transition from a classic cigarette to an electronic one is justified by the desire to quit smoking. Unfortunately this does not always happen. On the issue the A.Na.F.E. (National Association of Electronic Smoking) underlines the fact that electronic cigarettes are not presented, nor sold for smoking cessation, but as an alternative to tobacco smoking. Moreover in Italy and abroad in the last few years the number of e-cig smokers and the relative turnover has increased, so it is more and more people who choose this solution.

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