Elegant clothes: let’s bring them to the city too!

Here’s how to wear elegant clothes in an everyday look!

All of us will have ever bought a dress for a ceremony or an important event and then left it in the wardrobe because it was difficult for us to wear it in less formal contexts. Here, with this post I would like to give you some ideas to wear your elegant clothes even in everyday life!


From the point of view of sustainability, the more we use a garment, the better: it means that we are avoiding buying other garments, because we make the most of what our wardrobe contains! With elegant clothes this is more difficult, I realize. My suggestion is to start upstream: when you have to go shopping for a particular event, always try to “see” the garment you are about to buy in different contexts. Could you put it back by changing the accessories? Is it really always worth buying a dress or is it sometimes preferable to have a complete one that we can wear by breaking it?

Elegant clothes: let's bring them to the city too!

Pink dress and light blue dress Veronica Iorio, Alessandro Enriquez patterned dress, dress with gathered sleeves and Pinko high collar

How to wear elegant clothes in the city: watch out for accessories

Accessories do practically half the job. If in an elegant or formal context you would wear your dress with high-heeled shoes and micro handbags or clutches, in a more casual context, go ahead with flat shoes, from flip-flops (when it’s the season of course) to sneakers, mules or loafers. The same applies to bags too: better opt for a shoulder shopper, perhaps very colorful.

How to wear elegant clothes in the city

How to wear elegant clothes in the city: watch out for the fabric

There are fabrics that, by their nature, tend to be very elegant: among these are silk satin, velvet, silk crepe, just to name a few. In this case, break them with more “rough” materials: a tweed, herringbone or bouclé jacket, perhaps with a masculine cut, will be perfect. If you want, you can add XXL jewels to complete the look, perhaps in a gold version.

How to wear elegant clothes in the city

How to wear elegant clothes in the city: watch out for color

Color is also important: my advice, to play down a dress that is perhaps colorful but with a super elegant cut is always to play with accessories and add details that you would not expect. Eg? A neon nail art!

How to wear elegant clothes in the city

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