Elena Sofia Ricci, dedicates it to her daughter Emma: "Proud of you"

Elena Sofia Ricci, dedicates it to her daughter Emma: "Proud of you"

Actress Elena Sofia Ricci dedicated a very sweet post to her daughter Emma for her birthday. Mom and daughter with a wonderful relationship

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Elena Sofia Ricci shared on Instagram a very special dedication to her daughter Emma, ​​on the occasion of her 25th birthday. An important milestone that, as a proud mother of her beautiful woman, she wanted to celebrate by choosing some shots that portray them together since Emma was little, accompanied by words full of sweetness.

"Emma darling … a year has already passed since the 2020 birthday in lockdown" – the actress began in the post – "We are still called to sacrifice and to the deepest respect for the rules and for our species". For the young Emma this is the second birthday in the middle of the pandemic, a fate that has touched many and especially many young people who have not had the opportunity to fully enjoy milestones and important moments.

And in fact, the actress's thought for a moment turned to the young people and the difficulties they have encountered in all these months: "Life is not easy for you guys who should have taken off in this time … fresh out of graduation … projected towards the future… instead forced to deal with a very difficult reality… but I am confident that when all this is over, you will roll up your sleeves and begin to make this world better “.

In addition to being one of the most loved actresses by the public, protagonist of many successes such as Che god help us, Elena Sofia Ricci is an energetic woman with great sensitivity, a characteristic that she also passed on to her daughter Emma. The now 25-year-old shares a lot with her mother: curly and auburn hair, a sweet and captivating smile and even the dream of becoming an actress. Emma, ​​born from Elena Sofia Ricci's relationship with actor and director Pino Quartullo, is studying with a lot of commitment for the love of acting and – as Ricci has specified on various occasions – she wants to walk with her own legs, without "little help" from part of mom and dad, who are established names in the entertainment world.

“So proud of who you are”, this is how Elena Sofia Ricci's splendid declaration of love and esteem for her beautiful daughter ends. With the hope that the future will hold you many satisfactions and the possibility of realizing your dreams. A mother and daughter with a beautiful relationship, simply to be admired.

Elena Sofia Ricci on Instagram

Elena Sofia Ricci on Instagram: the splendid dedication to her daughter Emma

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