Elena Sofia Ricci in Che Dio helps us 6: anticipations, news and an absence

Elena Sofia Ricci in Che Dio helps us 6: anticipations, news and an absence

Filming will begin later this month and fans of fiction will be able to appreciate important new entries and great returns

Among the most awaited news by fans of the great Italian fiction is undoubtedly the return of Che Dio helps us. The shooting of the sixth season, which will see Elena Sofia Ricci return to lend her face to the character of Sister Angela, should begin shortly.

The beloved sitcom will see the return of several historical faces. In addition to Ricci, back from the success of Vivi and lets live, Valeria Fabrizi, unforgettable interpreter of Sister Costanza, will also be present in the cast. Not to be forgotten is Francesca Chillemi, who in the sixth season will 'accompany' her Azzurra along the path of a change that began at the end of the fifth.

Continuing with the list of important returns, we mention that of Gianmarco Saurino. During the sixth season of Che Dio Aiuti, set in Assisi, Nico's life, the character he played, will be turned upside down by an unexpected event: the reappearance of Monica on the scene, her first great love.

The young woman, whose face is that of Diana Del Bufalo, returns to the life of Nico Santopaolo after a period of absence, creating a bit of turmoil in the relationship he built with the novice Ginevra, played by 27-year-old Simonetta Columbu, involved in a a feeling that, in the fifth season, brought her very close to a radical change in her life plans.

As you can read on the columns of the blog davidemaggio.it, among the most authoritative sources when it comes to television, in recent months there has been talk of his absence from the cast. Today as today, with the 'clappers', we turn' of the sixth season ready to shoot, the presence of his character, even if for some episodes, is taken for granted.

Absent will instead be Cristiano Caccamo, who lends his face to Gabriele, and Arianna Montefiori. interpreter of Valentina. The actress herself thought to clarify why her character won't be there. Montefiori, engaged to Brig, has in fact specified that Valentina's story ended precisely with her marriage to Gabriele, pointing out that it would not make sense to carry on a character who "made his way".

We conclude by pointing out that in the cast of the next season of Che Dio helps us there will be Pierpaolo Spollon, who should play the role of a young neurologist, and Erasmo Genzini, who would instead bring to the screen the character of a young man with a turbulent past.

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