Eleonora Daniele reveals why Mara Venier will be the godmother of her daughter

Eleonora Daniele reveals why Mara Venier will be the godmother of her daughter

Eleonora Daniele chooses Mara Venier as godmother of her daughter Carlotta and reveals why

Eleonora Daniele, Storie Italiane changes schedule again and the baby bump grows

Eleonora Daniele reveals why Mara Venier will be the godmother of her daughter Carlotta. The presenter will soon give birth to her firstborn, born from the love for her husband Giulio Tassoni. During an episode of Domenica In, some time ago, Daniele had been moved to tears and had asked the presenter to act as godmother to the incoming baby.

A decision born from the esteem he feels towards his colleague and their very strong bond. "Aunt Mara … I call her this. She is a unique woman, a great professional – she confessed to Famiglia Cristiana speaking of Venier -. Over the past year, I have talked about two important things: an unpleasant one, the disappearance of my brother Luigi, who suffered from a serious form of autism, and a very beautiful one, the arrival of Carlotta ".

Eleonora said she found great support in Mara Venier, especially in the most difficult moments. “Thanks to you, I will overcome all the fears of these difficult days. It will be a good revolution, even the universe was born of chaos and she will be our universe! She is strong: I already feel that she is giving me orders ”. The journalist has always been very close to her brother, suffering from a mental illness and who disappeared some time ago.

"In these complicated days my thoughts have often gone to families who live with mental disabilities – he explained -, to their difficulty in keeping these children especially in the most complex moments when self-harm becomes impossible to sustain. For them, going out is freedom, the opportunity to let off steam and keep a balance. Living with a disability, especially as a sister, allows you to look at the world with different eyes, it has made me grow much faster ".

The birth is approaching and Eleonora Daniele also spoke of the mother Iva. “I imagine myself with her on the phone to tell her, after the live broadcast, about my fears, to reason on the suitcase to go to give birth – he revealed -. Maybe I'll write you a letter so that I can stay in time. I would like Carlotta to take elegance of her; she has always been beautiful, cared for and never exaggerated, I saw her as a princess. I wish with Carlotta to have her ability to transmit certain values ​​".

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