Eleonora Daniele with her daughter Carlotta: the sweetest photo on Instagram


Eleonora Daniele shared on Instagram a very tender image with her daughter Carlotta, born on May 25th

Eleonora Daniele has published on her Instagram profile a very tender photo that portrays her with her daughter Carlotta. The little girl, born on May 25, is just over three months old and is a love. Mamma Eleonora, who has already returned to work, is about to go live with Italian Stories, but first she wanted to share this sweet shot with her audience.

In the image, the presenter is portrayed on the edge of the bed holding Carlotta in her arms, who can only be seen from behind. The girl wears a flowered romper with large blue satin bows on the shoulders. Her arms and chubby little hands are for kissing. Commenting on this shot, Eleonora Daniele writes on Instagram: “Waking up like this .. the morning becomes a paradise. # carlottaamoremio❤️ ". And then he gives the appointment to his fans for the new episode of Italian Stories which since the debut of this season has been confirmed as a successful broadcast, thanks to its host who handles important topics with professionalism but also lighter moments. Touching, for example, was the interview with Ramona Badescu, who became a mother at 51.

Speaking of mothers, Daniele is splendid with her little Carlotta. And the photo on the Instagram profile sends followers in raptures. Starting with Mara Venier who rushes to send her many little hearts. The Venetian presenter has a special relationship with her mother and daughter, in fact she was chosen as Carlotta's godmother. Several times guest on TV by Zia Mara, Eleonora Daniele introduced her daughter to Domenica In.

Eleonora Daniele's fans were thrilled to see this sweet image. Someone commented: “How nice to see you with that light in your eyes… .. Carlotta is beautiful ❤️”. And again: "Congratulations beautiful😍😍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖".

Carlotta was born from the love of Eleonora Daniele and her husband Giulio Tassoni. The two got married on 14 September 2019 and on the occasion of their first wedding anniversary, the presenter shared a special dedication to her spouse on Instagram: “Exactly one year ago. Today is a special day. If I think that from up there they gave us the greatest gift: our little girl. Happy anniversary, my love ”.

Eleonora Daniele

Eleonora Daniele with Carlotta – Source: Instagram

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