Elettra Lamborghini, after the wedding with Afrojack comes the reality show about her life

Elettra Lamborghini, after the wedding with Afrojack comes the reality show about her life

An unprecedented Elettra Lamborghini in the docu-reality "Elettra and the rest disappears": ready to discover the private side of the queen of twerking

Elettra Lamborghini marries Afrojack: the 2 dresses, the guests, the witnesses, everything about the wedding

Elettra Lamborghini, one of the most loved and discussed characters of the moment, opens the doors of her private life and does it in style, as only she can do. From January 6, the first episode of the docu-reality Elettra is available on Discovery + and the rest disappears in which the singer and influencer, fresh wife of her beloved Afrojack, tells herself without filters. A great debut for Discovery Italia's new streaming platform which will publish a total of 10 episodes of half an hour each on the volcanic heir of the historic Italian car manufacturer.

In the docu-reality, curated by Gabriele Parpiglia and Clarissa Bellinello and produced by Roma Press, Elettra Lamborghini gets completely naked for her fans, offering one more opportunity to make herself known even by detractors who, perhaps in a somewhat 'superficial, they never stopped criticizing or judging her also because of her "cumbersome" surname. “Many judge me by my surname, without knowing who I really am. My surname certainly doesn't help ”Lamborghini told D., Repubblica's women's weekly. “Then it is true that I have my paradoxes: I can seem the sexiest in the world, but when I go to bed with my husband I have socks and knickers. So I take you to my fairy world to show you behind the scenes ”.

Elettra and the rest disappears faces all the salient moments of the influencer's life, starting with the organization of his very stylish and elegant wedding with the dj and producer Afrojack, entrusted to the expert care of Enzo Miccio, to then go through the Sanremo phase has seen it depopulated among the Big of the Italian Song Festival. There will also be fashion, one of the great passions of Elettra Lamborghini who, as a designer, fully expresses her personality using extravagant fabrics and models.

But the life of Lamborghini is not just about music and style. The docu-reality will also give space to Elettra "girl next door", the one engaged in normal housework. "I'm a missed housewife," she said herself, adding that she is precise and obsessive when it comes to tidying up. Ten episodes to all Electra that will not disappoint fans of the queen of twerking.

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