Elettra Lamborghini cancels concerts and focuses on marriage

Elettra Lamborghini stops her activities as a singer and throws herself on the final preparations for the wedding with Afrojack

The bubbly Elettra Lamborghini has canceled her concerts: the decision came in view of her imminent marriage with her partner Nick van de Wall, better known as Afrojack, a famous DJ and music producer.

The two, who have been together for about two years, officially got engaged on 24 December 2019 and will soon get married, which according to an indiscretion from Dagospia will be held on Sunday 6 September 2020.

Although the day of the fateful yes has not yet been confirmed, it would seem that precisely this proximity to the long-awaited date meant that Elettra took a break to focus on preparations: after all, the singer was very busy for the release of the song La Isla and between interviews, TV performances and much more, it had now become difficult to dedicate oneself completely to the wedding.

On the Instagram profile of the singer and that of her closest friends there has never been a lack of continuous updates on the preparation of the wedding: between the choice of the white dress in a Neapolitan tailor's shop documented by her friend Iconize, and the confirmation that the magnificent Enzo Miccio will be the her wedding planner, there are not a few details that lead us to think that the event is getting closer and closer.

In this regard, the former Beijing Express competitor gave an interview to Fanpage, in which he gave fans a small preview of the union with Nick:

I am taking care of it and it will be a wedding that will certainly amaze. Elettra Lamborghini is a simple and sunny girl. So sobriety and elegance without special effects.

Therefore, the break from concerts taken by the singer can only help the couple, who can enjoy time together: not surprisingly, Elettra and Afrojack have granted themselves a romantic getaway in Como, in a wonderful resort.

This stage was also told on the social media of the 26-year-old, who shared several photos of the place and the romantic walk she took with her future husband in the woods of the estate.

But the preparations, perhaps, will not be the only things that Elettra fans will be able to see: according to Dagospia, Lamborghini would have given the exclusivity of his wedding to Silvia Toffanin, and more precisely to the Verissimo program.

In addition, it is rumored that Real Time will broadcast a special of the event: in short, if all this were true, for the fans it would be wonderful news, as they will be able to share the same joy as the peppered heiress.

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