Elettra Lamborghini, changes location for the wedding and prepares the bachelorette party

Elettra Lamborghini, cambia location per il matrimonio e prepara l’addio al nubilato

The Bolognese heiress, sharing his day through Instagram Stories, revealed that he will no longer marry on the shores of Lake Garda

Elettra Lamborghini is increasingly involved in managing the final details of her big day. The twerking queen, very active on Instagram, has given her loyal followers new moments of the preparation path.

On Tuesday 21 July, the Bolognese heiress in fact shared several Stories dedicated to the wedding on his social profile. It all started on the train, with Elettra beginning with the phrase "Guys, we're going to try on the dress of my bridesmaids" and, one after the other, she presented them (without obviously forgetting to frame the masterful director of her most beautiful day, the king of Italian wedding planners Enzo Miccio).

The 'set' of the Stories then moved to the atelier, where the voice of Musica (E il Resto Scompare) showed evidence of the dress of one of the bridesmaids, her sister Lucrezia (Elettra on her wedding day will also have the other sister Flaminia and Simona, one of her dearest friends).

The Bolognese heiress, always addressing his followers, spoke of his dress, calling it too beautiful. "I am no longer getting married at Lake Garda … Maybe you don't know, maybe yes, maybe you were staying at the first location": with these words, Elettra Lamborghini revealed an important change related to her most beautiful day, making official the fact of not get married more on the banks of the Benaco.

As can always be seen in one of the Stories on Tuesday 21 July, the singer's new choice, who spoke of the organization of the wedding as an atomic stress, is Tremezzo, one of the pearls of Lake Como.

Elettra, who during a session of answers to Instagram followers' questions denied the rumors about September 6 as the wedding date, also dedicated herself to organizing the bachelorette party.

In fact, her fans had the opportunity to see her engaged in the inspection at the location of the party. Lamborghini showed a beautiful swimming pool and a garden embellished with suggestive beams of lights.

For now, as can always be deduced from the Stories and from the words of a friend of hers, the Emilian singer, who appears increasingly enthusiastic and excited at the thought of getting married to her boyfriend DJ, is not aware of the mood of the party.

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