Elettra Lamborghini, dream wedding with Afrojack: fairytale dress and emotion


Elettra Lamborghini and Afrojack got married on a splendid sunny day: here are the first details of the wedding

It was during a beautiful sunny day, in the enchanting setting of Lake Como, that Elettra Lamborghini and Afrojack got married. On Saturday 26 September they pronounced the fateful yes, in a fantastic location in the presence of a very select number of guests. And from the first images that appear on social media, to amaze is the beautiful dress of Elettra.

On the other hand, it could not be otherwise: the heiress had announced great surprises for all her fans, on the occasion of her special day. As he had already anticipated, the choice of the place to celebrate his wedding with Afrojack finally fell on Villa Balbiano, a splendid historic residence overlooking the Como branch. Elettra personally took care of all the details of the wedding, with the help of a super wedding planner: Enzo Miccio. And everything seems to have gone great, at least from what emerges from the first details that emerged on Instagram.

The bride arrived aboard a blue Lamborghini together with her father Tonino who, holding her arm, accompanied her to the altar. Elettra wore a splendid white dress, full of transparencies and embroidery, characterized by a deep neckline and combined with a long veil fixed in her hair. Afrojack instead opted for a classic black tuxedo with bow tie, with timeless elegance. The ceremony took place outdoors, under a splendid sun, and was held entirely in English, before the eyes of about a hundred guests.

If Afrojack chose his best friend as the best man, Elettra had his younger sisters Lucrezia and Flaminia by his side on the most important day. However, the absence of his older sister, Ginevra, stands out. In fact, among her Instagram stories, the girl wrote: “I wish you the best. I would have liked to be there too ”. After the ceremony, Lamborghini organized a splendid reception.

In recent days, the heiress had revealed some details on the great event, in particular on the choice of clothes: she has prepared three, one of which will be worn only for the party that will conclude the wedding. The second dress, in fact, is truly enchanting: it is a beautiful mermaid wedding dress in entirely embroidered lace, with a sweetheart neckline and long flared sleeves.

Meanwhile, the first social messages from those who attended the wedding arrive. Marco Ferrero, aka Iconize, shared some shots with which he showed the location to his fans, waiting for the bride. And he revealed to us that he had not been able to hold back the emotion: the marriage of Elettra and Afrojack must have been a truly surprising event.

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