Elettra Lamborghini, her mare Lolita left her: "You were the best gift that life could give me"

Elettra Lamborghini, her mare Lolita left her: "You were the best gift that life could give me"

Elettra Lamborghini announces the death of her Lolita mare on Instagram, moving everyone with a very long post

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Just back from a fairytale wedding and an increasingly growing career, it was a happy time for Elettra Lamborghini, yet this news came like a bolt from the blue: the trap singer has lost her longtime friend, her mare Lolita du Ruet who has been with her for 16 years.

It was Elettra herself who announced the departure of Lolita, who – shortly after the airing of her interview with Verissimo – on social media said she was rather worried about the animal's operation. Unfortunately, the mare did not make it and at 21 years of age she left, leaving the heart of the Lamborghini in pieces.

How could this happen my love ?! I still can't believe it, I was sure everything would be fine. You have always been so strong, I was sure we would still have so many years ahead, maybe I'm dreaming but I'm not ready for this. I have all the best memories of my adolescence with you. I literally lost the most important part of my life, I feel so empty, I thought I would see you one day with my children on your back, but life is unpredictable. You were the best gift that life could give me .. you came at a difficult time for me 16 years ago, and you literally saved my life, you were my cure and my best friend, I don't know how to thank you and I don't know now how I will do without you. I will always love you, I miss you like air and I can't wait to see you again one day. You will always be my love, rest in peace princess.

Lolita, therefore, was an accomplice of all the best memories of Electra's adolescence. For this reason, the singer could not fail to use Instagram to dedicate these beautiful words full of melancholy to her friend. There were also many stories that take up their special moments spent together, including their long walks.

Elettra, however, on social media also wanted to thank her husband Afrojack, who has been by her side in these difficult days: "Thanks Babby, I've been crying on you for two days even while we're eating, but you're still close to me". But, you know, after all, the death of an animal is never easy to overcome, even if you are not alone. We just have to send Electra a big hug.

Elettra Lamborghini and Lolita

Elettra Lamborghini together with her Lolita – Source: Instagram

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