Elettra Lamborghini towards the Island of the Famous 2021: what it will do

Elettra Lamborghini svela perché la sorella Ginevra non era alle sue nozze

The new edition of the Isola dei Famosi could also have Elettra Lamborghini in the cast

Elettra Lamborghini marries Afrojack: the 2 dresses, the guests, the witnesses, everything about the wedding

There is really a lot of curiosity about the new season of the Isola dei Famosi, especially since two years have already passed since the last edition aired. Apparently, Ilary Blasi has many surprises in store for viewers: in the last few hours the name of Elettra Lamborghini has appeared, which could enrich the cast of the reality show.

In recent weeks, the number of competitors ready to take part in the Isola dei Famosi has increasingly emerged, starting on March 11, 2021, shortly after the end of Big Brother Vip. The start date has actually been postponed by a few days: at first it was scheduled for 8 March, but Mediaset would have decided to postpone it so as not to risk succumbing to the competition – Rai1 will in fact return with the successful fiction Il Inspector Montalbano.

But let's go back to the cast of the Island of the Famous. Many names have already been given for sure, although there are still no official confirmations: we speak of well-known faces of the entertainment world such as Elisa Isoardi, Vera Gemma and Antonio Zequila, but also Gilles Rocca, Lucas Peracchi and Paul Gascoigne. We also expect several other surprises, since Ilary Blasi seems to have the intention of revolutionizing everything. Alvin has given up his role as special envoy, and the beautiful Elenoire Casalegno could arrive in his place.

And what about the pundits? The first name, confirmed for a few days now, is that of Iva Zanicchi. The beloved artist, who in recent months has experienced difficult times due to Covid, is ready to return to the small screen in a truly surprising role. At his side, there could be Elettra Lamborghini. The indiscretion was launched by Gabriele Parpiglia in Giornalettismo, which revealed how the singer is about to sign the contract. For her it would really be a very tempting opportunity, which came in a very prolific period.

Elettra, who married Afrojack last September, is experiencing golden months: in 2020 she participated in the Sanremo Festival, and her appearances on TV are becoming more and more frequent – the last one on February 9, guest of the show Tonight anything is possible. She is also the protagonist of a documentary dedicated to her, entitled Elettra and the rest disappears, broadcast every Monday on Discovery +: over the course of the 10 episodes already recorded, Lamborghini tells about itself in the round, from its brilliant career to the most intimate secrets of its private life.

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