Eliana Michelazzo, the intimate confession and the accusations against the real Simone Coppi

Eliana Michelazzo confesses her desire to fall in love and makes an accusation against Stephan Weiler, the man who believed to be her husband

Eliana Michelazzo, one of the protagonists of the Prati case, is trying to regain her life. Putting the past aside, however, is not easy and the girl, retracing what happened, has let herself go to new accusations.

In fact, Eliana was heavily involved in the series of deceptions that led to the announcement of the marriage of Pamela Prati and Mark Caltagirone and the consequent fall of the castle of lies built around this fake event. Once the whole truth came to light, Michelazzo, at the time an agent of the Sardinian showgirl, was held up by some as an accomplice and by others as a victim.

And as a victim she also proclaimed herself. In fact, she confessed, in front of Barbara D’Urso's cameras, not only the non-existence of Mark Caltagirone, but also that of Simone Coppi, her alleged husband for about ten years. Eliana, her colleague and friend Pamela Perricciolo, made her believe the existence of both men.

In short, according to Michelazzo's story, for years she would have believed that Simone Coppi was her husband, if not for the law at least for the sentiment that bound them. A man with whom she was deeply in love but with whom, however, she would have an exclusively virtual relationship, made up of messages and photos exchanged.

Once the non-existence of Simone Coppi was ascertained, it was understood that the photos of the man actually belonged to Stephan Weiler, a Swiss model totally foreign to the facts. The latter, once he learned what was happening and found himself in front of Michelazzo, reacted with extreme coldness and anger. The fact that his image was used for deception didn't really go down to him.

And it is precisely to Stephan Weiler that a new accusation goes by Eliana Michelazzo who, in an interview with the weekly Nuovo, said she was slightly disappointed by the man's attitude. The former Prati agent expected greater understanding from the attractive model and, perhaps, a hug. She also confessed that she wondered if he might really like it, even though she is aware that the model is currently busy.

A light crush, that of Michelazzo, who today is trying to regain control over her life and who hopes to find a romantic and dreamer man who truly loves and desires her. And, this time, preferably without the screen filter of a smartphone.

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