Elijah against de Grenet: it is not only sad, it is very serious

Elia contro de Grenet: non è solo triste, è gravissimo

The clash between Antonella Elia and Samantha de Grenet in prime time cancels years of effort. And to think that two women have staged it makes you shiver

During the last episode of the GF Vip (here our story) a depressing, at times chilling theater was broadcast, accompanied by laughter and superficial comments from the men present. A little theater that opened our eyes to a great truth: verbal aggression and the body shaming of women against women can be subtle, extremely violent and dangerous. Even more so if justified, minimized, almost encouraged.

Almost ten minutes in prime time in which Antonella Elia, with a spirited gaze, made even more aggressive by the role of columnist who authorized her to rise to an implacable judge of everything and everyone, turned to Samantha de Grenet in a crescendo of “You are presumptuous, indeed a suburban bulla, or rather a poorly cleaned hamlet (…) The best you have been able to do was to be the queen of Gorgonzola. (…) You are a great bitch “.

Until the final exploit: "I would tear off those hideous curls that you have on your head and I also see you put on weight, you are giving in to the weight of age". With de Grenet responding in kind: "I'm 20 cm taller than you". In practice: You are bitchy and fat, says one. You are dwarf and empty (even with wrinkles), replies the other. Between the two, Signorini laughs and comments amused: "The most amazing thing in the duel is the one that gives the other fatness, who replies that she is taller".

The problem is all here: there is nothing to laugh about. Maybe to film, point out to them that there are millions of teenagers and girls who are looking at them and who automatically think that weighing more than 50 kilos or being shorter than 170 cm can be a shame, a shame, liable to offense and derision. . Because – this is the message that has passed – when you get old and lose the silhouette you had at 20, when you get wrinkles, what else do you have left? You are left with the head, the brain, the ability to respond intelligently to gratuitous offenses. And the awareness that malice, body shaming – especially among women – is something that can do enormous damage. Especially in those who watch and listen.

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