Eliminate cellulite and fat: why choose a medical center?

Eliminate cellulite and fat: why choose a medical center?

Cellulite and fat can be defeated: just rely on the most suitable professional. Find out why to choose a medical center and not an aesthetic one!

Diets, slimming creams, sports activities, draining massages: you've tried them all yet cellulite and fat are still there and, for too long, have prevented you from experiencing even the simplest activities in a serene way, like a day at the beach in a bikini.

Fortunately, there is an effective solution to defeat these ailments once and for all. Let's talk about the medical centers present throughout Italy. These offer numerous aesthetic medicine treatments, including those specially designed to defeat localized fat accumulation and cellulite. Here the patient is welcomed by a specialized staff, who after careful analysis elaborates a personalized path. Let's see in detail what treatments are available and all the advantages of a medical center compared to an aesthetic one.

Difference between cellulite and fat

Before addressing the topic, it is useful to quickly explain the difference between fat and cellulite, two expressions that still cause enormous confusion.

Cellulite, which in milder cases occurs in the form of typical holes on the skin, is an aesthetic disorder attributable to water retention. In the most serious cases it is a real inflammatory pathology that afflicts the adipose tissue positioned in the deep layer of the skin, called "panniculus adipose".

This problem occurs in 8 out of 10 women, and is distinct from localized adiposity, that is the accumulation of fat in particular areas of the body, such as buttocks, abdomen, legs or thighs. Both can be solved with customized protocols proposed by aesthetic medicine centers.

Medical cavitation: excellent remedy against fat and cellulite

Eliminate cellulite and fat: why choose a medical center

Cavitation stands out among the most effective remedies against cellulite and fat pads. This treatment, also known as non-surgical liposuction, uses low-frequency ultrasounds that are able to penetrate deep adipose tissue. This treatment is of exclusive medical competence and allows you to effectively remodel the body in a few sessions. On the contrary, the cavitation carried out in beauty centers, by law, can only use high-frequency ultrasound which cannot act in depth and therefore do not guarantee the same results as medical ones.

Arteslim protocol: what is it about?

Before embarking on a slimming or remodeling treatment it is essential to take into consideration the characteristics and needs of the individual patient. For example, other aspects related to daily life may need to be taken into account alongside treatment. Inside a medical center there are the specialists a patient needs to achieve their goals. Not only that: many outpatient facilities have implemented real customized protocols.

MedikalBeauty Institute is among the most accredited medical centers in Italy: not only does it have a staff ready to meet the needs of each patient, but it has also developed a specific protocol called Arteslim. It is a path designed specifically for the person concerned. It does not only include targeted medical treatments, but also other measures, such as a diet specially designed for the patient developed by a specialist of the facility. Furthermore, it also takes into account any pathologies or daily habits that could influence the success of the protocol.

Are all these advantages offered by a beauty center? Certainly not, because it has neither the instrumentation, nor a medical staff intent on taking care of the person's health, and not simply his aesthetic aspect.

In collaboration with MedikalBeauty Institute

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