Elisa has Covid: she will not be in the studio in Sanremo Giovani

Elisa has Covid, the announcement of Amadeus: “Tomorrow in the studio in Sanremo Giovani there will be all the Bigs, except her”

Elisa has Covid, she tested positive for the swab, and for this reason she will not be present at Sanremo Giovani. This was announced by Amadeus, during the press conference for Sanremo Giovani, broadcast on 15 December evening on Rai1.

The presenter then explained that if there should happen to be a positive among the big names during the week of the Festival “like last year for Irama, there will be no disqualifications, but the video of the dress rehearsal will be broadcast”.

Sanremo 2022: the last of Amadeus conductor

During the conference Amadeus, who will be conductor for the third time, confirmed that it will also be his last (“For me there won’t be another one, I say this every year but as an Interista I would say that I stop at the treble”) , and that the three winners of the Young will be added to the 22 big ones already announced. So not just two, as was originally foreseen by the regulation: “I woke up with this idea and since the songs are all beautiful I’ll take the whole podium”.

Sanremo 2022, doors open to super-guests Maneskin

Amadeus replied in this way to those who asked him about the possible super-guests of the 2022 edition: “I will start thinking about it from the next few days. They will have to be super because there are such in the race. For the Måneskin obviously open doors: they were a disruptive thing with a strength that won me over.

Sanremo Giovani: the names in the race

These are the names of the 12 young people competing: Bais (What happened to me), Martina Beltrami (I’m talking about you), Destro (August in the middle of summer), Esseho (Arianna), Littamè (Fuck you have to watch), Oli? (Enamel and tint), Matteo Romano (Heads and tails), Samia (Let me breathe), Senza_Cri (To me), Tananai (Exaggerated), Vittoria (California), Yuman (A thousand nights).

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