Elisa Isoardi and Raimondo Todaro together from Fialdini: their future in Ballando

Elisa Isoardi senza trucco: al naturale è ancora più bella

The new episode of Francesca Fialdini's show featured Elisa Isoardi and Raimondo Todaro

Dancing with the Stars, all the contestants chosen by Milly Carlucci

After the splendid singular performance by Elisa Isoardi in Dancing with the Stars, the presenter intervened in video link during the broadcast of Francesca Fialdini. And at the same time, live from the hospital, Raimondo Todaro also returned to television, to talk about his health conditions and his possible return to the track.

After several days of absence, seeing Elisa and Raimondo together was really fantastic: during the last episode of Dancing with the Stars, Isoardi had to settle for a solo freestyle, followed closely by her teacher in connection from her room. 'Hospital. The performance was a resounding success, as Todaro had the opportunity to comment on the microphones of Da noi… Freewheeling: “I struggled to hold back the tears, you were crazy”. This compliment has undoubtedly hit the mark.

The dancer was certainly very unlucky. Just a few hours after the first episode of Dancing with the Stars he began to suffer from severe abdominal pain, which forced him to an emergency hospitalization. He immediately ended up under the knife for appendicitis, but things didn't go smoothly as they should have: "On Monday they operated on me, but in the operating room they realized that the appendix was so inflamed that it had punctured the blind intestine. They removed 10 cm of intestine and the operation, which was supposed to last 20 minutes, lasted 3 hours "- explained Raimondo.

That Todaro's situation was more serious than expected, on the other hand, was revealed a few hours earlier by Guillermo Mariotto, guest on Domenica In. The judge of Dancing with the Stars had in fact confessed to wanting to pray so that the dancer can recover quickly, despite the complications that emerged during the surgery. Fortunately, the convalescence went marvelously, so much so that Raimondo announced that he had obtained a day early for his resignation. So he will go home on Monday and will soon start training again.

And the future of the Todaro-Isoardi couple in Ballando? Nothing is certain yet: although Raimondo is ready to dive back onto the track, it is important that you pay attention. And Milly Carlucci could ask him to look again for a few more days. For her part, Elisa can't wait to go back to dancing with her teacher. “He has to get back on track because I need him. But we have shown that women can also dance alone “.

Before closing the connection, Francesca Fialdini gave us another, exciting moment. The presenter wished Isoardi to take many "numbers 1" during her next performances, referring to the votes that the judges assign to each competitor at the end of their performances. But in reality he had an ulterior motive: in this nice way he broadcast a video showing a very young Elisa (she was only 17 years old) at Miss Italy, at the time led by Fabrizio Frizzi. And his number in the race was 1! Undoubtedly a nice way to end the interview, but also a tribute to the great conductor who will remain forever in the hearts of all Italians.

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