Elisa Isoardi eliminated from the island: new alliances in Playa Esperanza

Elisa Isoardi

Expelled from the Island of the Famous, Elisa isoardi is also a leader in Playa Esperanza, among new alliances with Vera Gemma and Miryea Stabile, fabulous costumes and maxi jumpsuits

Isola dei Famosi 2021: Elisa Isoardi between new alliances, suits and costumes

Elisa Isoardi was unexpectedly eliminated from the Island of the Famous 2021 with the flash televoting. The presenter is now confined to Playa Esperanza, the last resort just before finally saying goodbye to reality TV.

To find out what will happen to Elisa Isoardi, we will have to wait until Monday 12 April. In fact, the episode of Thursday 8 will not air. Of course, the elimination of the beautiful Elisa has left everyone astonished, given that since the beginning of the Island of the Famous, conducted this year by Ilary Blasi, she had proved to be the true moral leader of the castaways. And then even the Sun had noticed her, dedicating pages of praise to her for her costumes, not to mention the stratospheric bikini that left everyone breathless.

But this is, the Isoardi ended up in Playa Esperanza. Someone has also noticed that the result of the televoting may have been compromised by some confusion, in fact first it was a question of deciding who you wanted to eliminate and then who you wanted to save. A technical problem also complicates the situation. And this could partly justify the elimination of Elisa.

However, what is certain is that Isoardi has no intention of giving up. And in Playa Esperanza where she agreed to go, she shows her usual determination and gets along great, together with her companions, Miryea Stabile and Vera Gemma.

Together the three castaways make new alliances. They work together to survive exclusively on their own strength, they share the coconuts on the beach, they confide in each other, telling each other about the strategies that hide behind the events that took place on the island, updating their companions on group dynamics.

Elisa Isoardi is full of energy and does not despair. On the contrary, she doesn't even lose her smile, enjoying the moments on the beach as if she were on vacation with her friends. She even allows herself to wear gray t-shirt and sweatpants without damaging her charm. Although when he shows himself in costume again, he again enchants everyone.

How it will end for Isoardi on the Island no one can know yet, but this is sure a golden moment for the presenter. To the point that it is rumored that it can replace none other than Barbara D’Urso at the Sunday – Live show.

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