Elisa Isoardi, her winter sea inspires us (and so does the look on Instagram)

Elisa Isoardi, her winter sea inspires us (and so does the look on Instagram)

Waiting for the new television projects and in view of the new film, Elisa Isoardi enchants everyone with her trendy looks

Elisa Isoardi is increasingly active on social media and shares many moments of her private life with fans. She has become a model for some followers who follow her increasingly trendy looks. Waiting for confirmation on new television projects, the presenter appears beautiful (and perhaps thoughtful?) At the sea in an Instagram post.

Isoardi’s future projects on television: is Sanremo coming?

It would seem that in the future of Elisa Isoardi there is an air of Festival: the former shipwrecked of the Isola dei Famosi, could be one of the co-hosts in one of the five evenings of Sanremo alongside Amadeus.

After the experience with La prova del cuoco, passed with flying colors considering the fact that she had to face the passing of the baton with Antonella Clerici, historical face of the program to which the public was extremely fond. After her participation in L’isola dei Famosi, in which she showed that she has both great fortitude and physical strength, Isoardi took a break from TV and dedicated herself more to her Instagram profile which she updates with more consistency.

The winter sea by Elisa Isoardi on Instagram

Elisa Isoardi in this period is dedicating a lot to her Instagram profile, through which she keeps her fans updated on her daily life. In a recent post, she appears at the seaside with a particular look and a sensual gaze; simple jeans, a sweater and a sleeveless faux fur make it attractive and casual at the same time.

Accompanying the photos, also the caption “Winter Sea”, simple and direct next to the words “Love” and “Life”, as if it were in a moment of reflection and gratitude for the present moment. The presenter appears serene, perhaps a little nostalgic also for the presence of the sea which, as we know, often helps in moments of reflection.

Elisa Isoardi’s look on the red carpet

At the preview of the film 7 women and a mystery, to be released on December 25, Elisa Isoardi appeared radiant on the red carpet. The presenter showed up on the red carpet with a very simple black jumpsuit with a bodice, comfortable but elegant, high heels and a make-up made perfect by a red lipstick. To complete the look, the only accessory worn that, however, attracted attention: a sparkling bracelet. All this makes her a style icon, despite her simplicity that has always been her best weapon of beauty.

Elisa Isoardi, the post on Instagram

The post on Instagram by Elisa Isoardi

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