Elisa Isoardi in love again: the clue on Instagram

Elisa Isoardi in love again: the clue on Instagram

It is said that Elisa Isoardi is experiencing a flashback with Alessandro Di Paolo: now a social clue arrives

Elisa Isoardi conquers Montecarlo with the transparent dress

Has Elisa Isoardi found love again? According to some rumors, the beautiful presenter would have rejoined Alessandro Di Paolo, with whom she had had a brief relationship shortly after the end of her story with Matteo Salvini. Some clues popped up on social media do nothing but rekindle the rumors about this alleged return of the flame.

“If you give up pleasure for fear of pain, you will stop trying both and your life will always know little” – wrote Elisa Isoardi among her Instagram stories, quoting a recent sentence by Massimo Gramellini. These few and simple words conceal an incontrovertible truth: closing in on ourselves to avoid suffering does nothing but deprive us of the possibility of living even the most beautiful moments that will inevitably cross our path. But does the message hide something more?

According to some, it could be a real mission statement. The Isoardi would therefore have decided to give up the erected walls to protect themselves from suffering and plunge into love, even at the risk of being disappointed. Of course it is just rumors, but they feed the rumors about the possible backfire that Elisa would be experiencing with Alessandro Di Paolo.

Recently, in fact, the presenter was spotted in the company of her ex: on the pages of the weekly Gente some photos have been published that do not seem to give rise to any doubts. The two, in perfect harmony, exchange smiles and complicit glances while enjoying a day at sea in that of Fregene. And if all this were not enough to talk about love between them, a beautiful ring appeared on the ring finger of Isoardi.

In reality, the presenter had already sported this splendid jewel in the past, but according to the well-informed it would have been Alessandro to return it to him, now that they have come closer. For the moment, Elisa did not want to confirm or deny the rumors, letting them dissolve by themselves with the passage of time. Rather, he continues to show off his cooking skills by sharing his great passion on Instagram: cooking.

While waiting for her new television opportunity, Elisa Isoardi is therefore dedicated to her private life. Could there be love too, one of his new priorities? Until a few months ago she professed to be single, but the latest clues suggest that something has changed.

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