Elisa Isoardi is unbalanced on her relationship with Todaro: "Our bond does not end"

Elisa Isoardi si sbilancia sul suo rapporto con Todaro: “Il nostro legame non finisce”

The presenter gave a long interview and spoke at length about her relationship with Raimondo Todaro

Fresh from a painful participation in the latest edition of Dancing with the Stars, Elisa Isoardi is reborn like a phoenix from her own ashes. Struggling with the recovery of her ankle, the beautiful presenter granted a long interview to the weekly Oggi, in which the name of her partner on the dance floor, Raimondo Todaro, was not lacking.

Despite the difficulties characterized by Elisa's ankle injury, the Isoardi-Todaro couple made the general public dream of Dancing with the Stars, right from the first performances, passing through the forced retirement due to the injury and then culminating in the repechage for participate in the final of the program. The two ended the race qualifying in fourth place. Fans have been hoping for some time that something more than a simple friendship will be born between the two.

To the magazine Oggi, Elisa confessed that the experience she had just lived taught her to see herself beautiful, sensual, and now Isoardi feels she has learned to exploit her potential. This is the power of dance.

And thanks to the dance and dance floor of Dancing with the Stars, a deep bond was certainly born between Elisa and Raimondo, which will not end with the epilogue of the program.

Isoardi called Raimondo a very sweet father, stating that:

You can fall in love with a man the way daddy does.

Pressed by the questions posed in the interview, Elisa confessed that she dreams of starting a family and that not only the public was struck by the feeling between her and Todaro:

The audience fell in love with our couple, and it happened to me too. I fell in love with what I do with him. If we get together? I don't know, that's okay for now.

Therefore, no confirmation from Elisa, but an open door to feelings. Everyone cheers for them. The door for the sweet presenter remains open even at work, even if the future seems uncertain: there is still no trace of the program that Isoardi should lead and which should have been called Check-Up.

The program was present last July in the official presentation of the RAI autumn schedule. But then no one knew anything about it. Isoardi herself declared that she did not know anything from the network management, therefore remaining awaiting news. While waiting, perhaps, it's time to make his heart beat (again).

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