Elisa Isoardi, last remnants of summer on Instagram: in costume she is splendid

Elisa Isoardi

Elisa Isoardi showed herself on Instagram in costume, and she is simply gorgeous natural

Elisa Isoardi conquers Montecarlo with the transparent dress

Last remnants of the summer for Elisa Isoardi, who showed herself on Instagram in costume: the former shipwrecked woman was photographed on the beach during a workout, showing off a breathtaking body.

Elisa Isoardi, natural beauty on social media

Elisa Isoardi showed off a black one-piece swimsuit on her Instagram profile that enhances her toned body: since her participation in Dancing with the stars, the presenter has never abandoned her daily training, a moment that she often shares with her followers.

“The sea of ​​October”, he wrote in support of the published shots, while first walking and then running on the beach. A natural photo that was particularly appreciated by his followers, who did not spare themselves between comments and likes. “You are of a unique beauty”, wrote one user, “Perfect physique, beautiful in all your splendor,” commented another fan.

It is not the first time that Elisa Isoardi shows herself on social networks with her authentic beauty and genuineness: the former shipwrecked in fact has often shared her shots without make-up and natural with her followers. A choice that particularly appeals to his fans, who have had the opportunity to appreciate, in addition to the obvious beauty, also his strength and tenacity during his adventure on the Island of the Famous, so much so as to make him one of the most popular characters in the world. latest edition (despite premature retirement from the games).

Elisa Isoardi, serenity and love

Impossible not to notice the serenity that emanates from her face: in the photos posted on Instagram Elisa Isoardi showed off big smiles, looking splendid and radiant. Will it be thanks to love? The presenter has not yet released any statement on the matter, but has been repeatedly paparazzi together with ex-partner Alessandro Di Paolo.

Isoardi was photographed a few weeks ago with a precious ring, the same one that the entrepreneur had given her at the time of their relationship, dating back to last year.

Then some unequivocal shots arrived: the couple was paparazzi in decidedly intimate attitudes during a football match at Ostiamare, a team that plays in Serie D and whose president is Roberto, that is Alessandro’s father. In fact, in the photos Elisa and Alessandro exchanged kisses in the stands of the football field: although there is still no official status, something is definitely changing in the life of the presenter.

Evidently the entrepreneur managed to scratch the armor of Isoardi, who some time ago had declared: “For me love is not an obsession. Better, so when it arrives, I’ll be ready. If one understands himself, he understands the other better too … I am demanding, independent and I am not satisfied. These are characteristics that can be scary “.

Elisa Isoardi

Elisa Isoardi

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