Elisa Isoardi on the Island, an ode to true beauty: the photo on Instagram leaves you breathless

Isola, Elisa Isoardi naufraga per cambiare vita

Elisa Isoardi shares the photo in costume on Instagram and leaves you breathless: "She is beautiful even in the soul"

Island of the Famous: Elisa Isoardi true leader, among admirers, fishing and prayer

Even if Elisa Isoardi does not win the Isola dei Famosi, she has certainly already obtained a double title, that of the most beautiful castaway and that of moral leader of the group. As proof of this, the photo of the presenter shared on her Instagram profile that left everyone breathless.

After attracting the attention of the Sun who defined her as "gorgeous in a bikini", Elisa Isoardi posted on her Instagram page a shot that portrays her in a full swimsuit, posing as a little mermaid and without makeup. In comment he writes: “Mens Sana In Corpore Sano 🍃”. That was enough to transform the image into a beauty icon.

The presenter's followers literally went wild and competed to compliment her. "The most beautiful on the island without makeup is her beauty even more noticeable". There are those who compare it to a work of art: "Elisa desnuda, a great historical painting". Those who notice how Elisa are able to seduce without revealing too much: “Beautiful, even without“ showing herself too much ”🔥❤️”. And who is sure that with this photo will conquer another mention in the Sun: "With this the" SUN "goes out of line !! 🔥🔥🔥". Finally, Isoardi has been transformed into a "Goddess of nature".

However, many argue that Elisa Isoardi's simple and natural beauty is enhanced by her strength, her tenacity, the qualities she has shown in these episodes of the Island of the Famous. But not only that, the presenter would propose a model of woman and television personality that deviates from the usual clichés and this makes her unique and so attractive, in every sense of the term.

So someone writes on Instagram: “Beautiful! I'm sorry. A woman worthy of representing on TV a different model from those usually proposed 👏👏👏 ". And again: “You are a real person, while remaining composed in the language you can say things to your face! Congratulations, always remain the wonderful person you are👏😍 ”. "Go on like this. You are tough and sweet ”. "❤️ It is also beautiful in the soul". "The most charming and smart woman on the island😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️ the best".

In short, Elisa Isoardi has the public on her side and finally all her followers agree: she is the best, because the truest. The bitter days of continuous and free criticism on social networks of when he was conducting La Prova del Cuoco are finally gone.

Elisa Isoardi

Elisa Isoardi, the photo on Instagram

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