Elisa Isoardi speaks with an open heart about her private life: "I'm single headed"

Elisa Isoardi confesses about her private life, talking about her future and love. And it reveals some hidden sides of its character

She is not only a talented conductor, Elisa Isoardi: she is also a beautiful and charming woman, with so many talents that she would lose count to list them. Nonetheless, the followers continue to push her, between one comment and another, asking her why there is no one at her side.

Not that married life is compulsory, but many people, seeing it so charming and easy-going, cannot believe that the host does not have at least one flame. The answer, however, is very simple and comes during his interview in the weekly Oggi: the beautiful Elisa is single by choice. A thoughtful choice, because Isoardi has precise ideas about the type of person she wants next:

I'm single-headed. Great intelligence is needed to stay with me.

In short, no Prince Charming: as a true strong woman, Isoardi has the intention of meeting a companion who walks beside her, who is equal and manages not only to be romantic, but also and above all an accomplice. A crime partner for a magnetic woman, who had an ex of Matteo Salvini's side by her side.

As revealed in the past, suitors are not lacking. Immediately after the end of the health emergency, the beautiful presenter was literally overwhelmed by the attentions and love signals of fans and admirers:

As soon as shipments of flowers were possible, they arrived as if there was no tomorrow. Bouquets of 100 and up, I think about 300 in all, including roses and daisies. I don't know where they came from. They were my fans.

But that's not all. Today Isoardi spoke about her private life and revealed the hidden sides of her character, dedicating herself, if we can say so, a message of love:

I am my safe haven. Of course, I would be very happy if someone could think of me. But it's not easy, I'm used to being independent.

Words that make you think and that remind every woman that the greatest love must always be the love towards themselves. Because love for others can last as long as it fades, while love for itself is a light that continues to shine, even in moments of uncertainty.

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