Elisa Isoardi, step back with Raimondo Todaro: "I don't need a new love"

Elisa Isoardi, step back with Raimondo Todaro: "I don't need a new love"

Elisa Isoardi takes a step back with Raimondo Todaro after "Dancing with the Stars"

Elisa Isoardi takes a step back with Raimondo Todaro, revealing that she does not need a new love. The former host of the Chef's Test is back to talk about her relationship with the dancer from Dancing with the Stars. During the Rai show, a very strong bond was born between the two and the public did not miss the feeling, both in front of the cameras and during rehearsals.

During the airing of Dancing with the Stars, many hoped that a love story could be born between Raimondo and Elisa. Todaro is in fact a veteran of the end of his marriage with Francesca Tocca, a dancer of Amici, while Isoardi, after the love story with Matteo Salvini, has no longer lived important relationships. The host and the dancer of the Milly Carlucci show have always reiterated the desire to focus on the competition and not to give rise to gossip about their relationship.

What happened between them after the show ended? To tell it was Elisa Isoardi who basically took a step back from her bond with Raimondo Todaro. "Between us there is friendship and great esteem and nothing else – he said -. Raimondo is a wonderful man. Thanks to him I discovered that I could count on one person. I fell in love with the couple we were. Seen from the outside, I know it well, we made us dream. Then, when the spotlights were turned off, there remained the friendship and the desire to hear each other on the phone, the desire to know how we are. We talk every day ”.

Some time ago Isoardi explained about Raimondo: “We will remain friends until the end of the show, but after that I don't rule out anything […] Thinking about the after would pollute a wonderful present… Our experience is quite intense. He has recently separated and has a daughter, I am single and I come from the closure of a program […] I am looking for serenity. A normal relationship, in a family made up of just me and my potential partner ". Now Elisa seems to have changed her mind. “I'm so good on my own, I don't know if I need a new love,” she explained.

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