Elisa Isoardi, talk about Matteo Salvini again

Elisa Isoardi, talk about Matteo Salvini again

Elisa Isoardi, in connection with Serena Bortone, is back to talk about her relationship with Matteo Salvini

Elisa Isoardi is back to talk about her relationship with Matteo Salvini. The former host of La Prova del Cuoco, engaged in the television adventure of Dancing with the Stars, was interviewed by Serena Bortone in her program Today is another day to talk about her experience in the show hosted by Milly Carlucci.

Isoardi and the leader of the League have been together for two years and their love story has been at the center of gossip for a long time. Today he is linked to Francesca Verdini, while she, after a brief relationship with Alessandro Di Paolo, has professed several times to be single, even if the strong bond and complicity with Raimondo Todaro are impossible not to notice.

And while Today is another day we were talking about American lessons, during the connection Serena Bortone wanted to tease Elisa Isoardi asking her how she lived almost as a First Lady, as a former partner of Matteo Salvini: “I practically do not remember anything because I was unable to go up to the Palace. I remember arriving when he became Minister of the Interior and then it went as it went ".

Then he added: "I've never done it but it must be complicated, it must be a life of sharing, ideas and everything else. If you have this luck, you can go on well ”.

In the meantime, Isoardi, having now left her story with Salvini behind her, is focusing on her adventure in Dancing with the Stars and her recovery, given the ankle injury that forced her to stop for a few weeks.

In fact, Elisa and Raimondo were forced to retire from the competition: despite the attempts at choreographies designed ad hoc to circumvent the problem of injury, the couple understood that the wisest decision was to temporarily leave the stage to play all out. to the final repechage.

Now that her conditions have improved, Isoardi is determined to get back on track in Saturday's episode: the fans of the most beloved couple of this edition of Dancing with the Stars are waiting for nothing but to see Elisa and Raimondo together again, ready to give many emotions.

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