Elisa Isoardi, the backfire hypothesis with Alessandro Di Paolo: check the ring

Elisa Isoardi, the backfire hypothesis with Alessandro Di Paolo: check the ring

Love could be back in the life of Elisa Isoardi: the beautiful presenter was paparazzi in the company of her ex-partner

Elisa Isoardi conquers Montecarlo with the transparent dress

It seems that the spark has rekindled between Elisa Isoardi and Alessandro Di Paolo. The presenter and the ex-partner were paparazzi together between complicit glances, smiles and caresses, lying on the beds of a bathhouse in Fregene.

To reveal the rapprochement between the two was the weekly Gente, which in a service dedicated to the (new) couple showed images that leave very little room for doubt. In addition to the evident understanding between Elisa and Alessandro, the shots point out a detail that suggests a return of the flame.

In fact, Isoardi wears a showy ring on her left ring finger, the very same jewel that she used to wear at the time of their love. After the end of her story with Matteo Salvini, Elisa had turned the page with the entrepreneur Alessandro Di Paolo. Their relationship, however, did not have the happy ending they hoped for, and from that moment the presenter has always professed to be single.

After the end of their story, the two remained on good terms, as Elisa has repeatedly told. But now that bond, which has never been broken in recent years, seems to have transformed into something different.

In fact, all the clues seem to lead to the rebirth of a passion: according to the rumors reported by the weekly, Elisa Isoardi and Alessandro Di Paolo would have eaten together with Fregene. And it seems that at the table, during the romantic lunch, he gave her the precious ring. The emerald surrounded by diamonds had already been sported by the former castaway: Isoardi wore it in 2020, during their relationship, only to disappear from her hand when she broke up with the entrepreneur.

Rumors dating back to a few weeks ago and spread by Novella 2000 wanted the presenter on vacation with Carlo Longari, ex-husband of Elisabetta Ferracini, the daughter of Mara Venier. According to the indiscretion, Isoardi would have spent time on board the boat of the well-known lawyer during her summer holidays in Mykonos. Probably between the two there is only a beautiful friendship, given the rapprochement with Alessandro Di Paolo.

Recently, in an interview with the weekly Oggi, Elisa had revealed: “I’m fine, for me love is not an obsession. Better, so when it arrives, I’ll be ready ”. And it seems that now his heart is open to welcome love again.

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